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Any One Can

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Jo Conroy (UK) - 2006
Any Night Club Two Step Music
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A perfect Night Club Two Step For Beginners, can be adapted to fit any night Club Two Step Rhythm. Put in Restarts if need be. 
Side Left Basic, Side Right Basic 
1-2 & Step Side Left, rock Right Behind Left, Recover On To Left 
3-4 & Step Side Right, Rock Left Behind Left, Recover On To Right 
Walk Fwd Left Right, Fwd Left Coaster Step 
5-6 Walk Fwd On Left Walk Fwd On Right  
7&8 step Fwd On to left, Step Right Next To Left, Step Back On Left  
Walk Back Right Left, Back Right Coaster Step 
1-2 Walk Back Right, Walk back on Left 
3&4 Step back On Right, Step Left Next to Right, Step Fwd On Right 
Left Rock & Cross ¼ back on Right & Turn Left & Cross Right Over Left 
5&6 Rock To The Side on your Left, Recover On To Right & Cross Left Over Right  
7&8 ¼ Turn Left Stepping Back On Right & Step Side On Left & Cross Right Over Left 
Start Again and Enjoy 
Remember when Counting the exact Counts are as above but as In true Night Club Two Step the counts Double up so your ending up with a 32 count dance, if that makes sense HA HA HA. 
Remember dance this to any night Club Two Step you Fancy and Just restart where you want, the idea of the dance is to teach the basic Steps.


Sandue October 4, 2017
A few suggestions for music would be a great help - nice dance.

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