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Anyway the Wind Blows

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Dag Alexander Wien – March 2020
Anyway the Wind Blows by Brother Phelps. From Cd: Anyway the Wind Blows (Length 3:12)
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#64 counts intro after music starts up again

S1 - Step, Touch, Step, Kick, Behind-side-cross, Hold
1-2Step RF diag fwd R, touch LF beside RF
3-4Step LF diag back left, kick RF diag R fwd
5-8Step RF behind LF, step LF to L, step RF in front of LF, hold

S2 - Step, Touch, Step, Kick, Behind-1/4R-Step, Hold
1-2Step LF diag L fwd, touch RF beside LF
3-4Step RF diag back R, kick LF diag L fwd
5-8Step LF behind RF, Turn 1/4 R & step RF fwd, step LF fwd, hold (03:00)

S3 - (Toe-Heel-Stomp) x2, Step, Hold
1-3Touch RF toe beside LF, touch R heel diag R fwd, step RF fwd
4-6Touch LF toe beside RF, touch L heel diag L fwd, step LF fwd
7-8Step RF right, hold

S4 - (Step, Flick) x2, Step, Touch, Step, Kick
1-2Step LF to L, lift RF up behind LF
3-4Step RF right, lift LF up behind RF
5-6Step LF fwd, touch RF behind LF
7-8Step RF back, kick LF fwd *Restart in wall 5 - change count 8 to: Step LF beside RF

S5 - Coaster step, Step, Hold, Pivot 1/4 L, Hold
1-4Step LF back, step RF beside LF, step LF fwd, hold
5-6Step RF fwd, hold
7-8Turn 1/4 L & transfer weight to LF, hold (12:00)

S6 - Step, Hold, Pivot 1/4 L, Hold, Jazz box
1-2Step RF fwd, hold
3-4Turn 1/4 L & transfer weight to LF, hold (09:00)
5-8Step RF in front of LF, step back on LF, step RF to R, step LF fwd

Restart: In wall 5 after 32 counts. Note: Change count 8 in S4 to: Step LF beside RF

( 21:51:38)


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