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Aqua Fiesta

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Tina Argyle (UK), Laura Sway (UK) & Richard Palmer (UK) - June 2014
Heat of the Night - Aqua : (iTunes & Amazon)
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Count in: 48 counts (begin on main vocals)

[1 – 8] Mambo-Push, Step-Lock-Step, Pivot Turns X 2
1 & 2Rock R Forward, Recover onto L, Step R beside L Pushing Hips Back and Palms of Hands Forward
3 & 4Step L Forward, Lock R Behind L, Step L Forward
5 – 6Step R Forward, Pivot ½ Turn Left
7 – 8Step R Forward, Pivot ¼ Turn Left (3 o'clock)

[9 – 16] Crossing Sambas x 2, Jazz Box ¼ Turn with Chasse
1 & 2Cross-step R over L, Rock L to L side, Recover weight onto R
3 & 4Cross-step L over R, Rock R to R side, Recover weight onto L
5 – 6Cross R over L, Step back on L
7 & 8Step R to Right Side making a ¼ turn Right, Close L beside R, Step R to Right Side (6 o'clock)

[17 – 24] Hitch-Side-Cross, Scissor Step, Side Rock, Behind-Side-Cross
1 & 2Hitch L Knee Across R Knee, Step out L to Left Side, Cross-Step R over L
3 & 4Step L to Left side, Step R beside L, Cross-Step L over R
5 - 6Rock R to Right Side, Recover onto L
7 & 8Cross-Step R behind L, Step L to Left Side, Cross-Step R over L

[25 – 32] Side, Heel Grind ¼ Turn, Coaster Step, Hip Bumps, Cross-Step & Clap
& 1 – 2Step L to Left side, Rock R Heel Forward Arcing Toes from Left to Right whilst making a ¼ turn Right, Recover onto L (9 o'clock)
3 & 4Step R Back, Step L next to R, Step R Forward
5 & 6Step L to Left Side and Bump Hips Left, Bump Hips Right, Bump Hips Left
& 7 & 8Step R next to L, Cross-Step L over R, Clap Hands Twice
*(Restart dance here on wall 6)

[33 – 40] Side Rock, &, Side Rock, Sailor Step, Toe-Strut
1 – 2Rock R to Right Side, Recover onto L
& 3 – 4Step R next to L, Rock L to Left Side, Recover onto R
5 & 6Cross-Step L behind R, Step R to Right Side, Step L to Left Side
7 – 8Touch R Toe Back, Drop Weight onto R Heel

[41 – 48] Back, Touch, Clap, Back, Touch, Clap x 2, Full Turn
& 1 – 2Step L Back, Touch R in front of L Hold & Clap Hands Once
&3&4Step R Back, Touch L in front of R, Hold & Clap Hands Twice
5&6&7&8Make a Full Circle Turn Left Stepping Left, Ball, Step, Ball, Step, Ball, Step

TAG: At the end of wall 2 (facing 6 o'clock) repeat the dance from count 33 (Side Rocks) to count 48 (end)

RESTART: On wall 6 restart the dance after count 32 (facing 6 o'clock)

Laura – Tina –
Richard -


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