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Are You Brave

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Easy Intermediate
Roy Verdonk (NL), Rémi Lemaire (FR) & Laura Bartolomei (FR) - May 2019
Brave - Don Diablo
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Intro: 32 counts (appr. 18 seconds into music)

S1: Stomp, Hold, Heel Swivels, Heel Grind With 1/2 Turn L, Back, Coaster L
1-2RF stomp forward (weight remains on LF) , hold
&3RF swivel heel out and forward(&), RF swivel back to centre
&4RF swivel heel out and forward(&), RF swivel back to centre (change weight onto RF)
5-6LF dig heel forward making 1/2 turn left (06.00), RF step back
7&8LF step back, RF step together (&), LF step forward

S2: Step/Touches On Diagonal, 1/8 Turn L, Syncopated Rocking Chairs, Slide Back
1-2RF step diagonal forward right, LF touch next to RF
3-4LF step diagonal forward left, RF touch next to LF whilst making 1/8 turn left (04.30)
5&RF rock forward, recover onto LF (&)
6&RF rock back, recover onto LF (&)
7&RF rock forward, recover onto LF (&)
8RF take big step back

S3: Hold, Ball/ Step, Walks (L,R), Kick Forward L, 1/2 Turn R, Ball/ Point Forward, Hold, Heel Swivels With Hip Bump
1&2hold, LF step next to RF (&), RF step forward
3-4LF step forward, RF step forward
5&6LF kick forward, make 1/2 turn right on ball of RF and step LF down in place (&), RF touch toes forward with bended knees (10.30)
7&8hold, BF swivel heels right (&), BF swivel back to centre again (weight remains on LF)

S4: Modified Jazz Box With 1/8 Turn R, Sailor With 1/4 Turn L, Full Lock Step Turn L
1-2RF cross in front of LF, make 1/8 turn right stepping LF back (12.00)
&3-4RF step together (&), LF cross in front of RF, RF step side
5&6LF cross behind RF, make 1/4 turn left stepping RF right (&), LF step forward (09.00)
&7make 1/4 turn left stepping RF right(&), make 1/4 turn left crossing LF in front of RF
&8RF step back (&), make 1/2 turn left stepping LF forward (09.00)


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