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Phrased Intermediate Hip-Hop
Amy Christian (USA) - April 2011
It's Raining - Rain : (Korean Music)
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Sequence: AB, ABC, BBA- (Being a 1 wall dance, front wall should be facing the audience).

Part A – 64 Counts
Hitch, Replace, Pop Knee Open – Close, Shoulder Pops, Sit, Straighten, Touch, Kick, Out, Out,
1&Hitch R foot, Step R next to L,
2&Lift heels as you Pop Knees out to sides [Open], Do not go downwards,(2) Straighten knees[Close] (&),
3&Pop R shoulder up as L shoulder goes down(3), Pop L shoulder up as R shoulder goes down(&),
4Bend knees and sit,
5-6Straighten up(5), Touch L foot behind R, as hands go to R side,
7&8Kick L foot forward, Step L foot to L side, Step R foot to R side,

Roll Knees In, Going Downwards, Roll Knees Out, Straightening Up,
1&2Bending knees & going downwards, on balls of feet, lifting heels, roll knees in & out,
3-4Straighten upwards slowly, when the singer breathes out on “Ahh”,
5-8Repeat above steps 1&2, 3-4,

Back, Back, Coaster Step, Rocking Chair, Step, Scuff, Stomp,
1-2Step back, R, L,
3&4R Coaster Step,
5&6&Rocking Chair at a diagonal (10:00),
7&8Step fwd on L foot, Scuff/brush R foot, Stomp R foot, diag fwd, (10:00) (Weight centered),

R Hand Above Chest in Breathing Motion, Leaning Forward and Back X 2,
1-2Look fwd as body is at a diagonal (10:00), Place R hand above L side of chest, pushing chest fwd in breathing motion, Leaning fwd on R,
3-4Pushing chest inwards in breathing motion, Rocking back on L,
5-8Repeat steps 1-4 (Look forward (12:00) throughout this whole eight),

*2/8 Turn Back, Back, R Coaster, ¼ Rock Recover Cross, Side Rock Cross,
1-2Turn left stepping R foot back (9:00), Step back on L, (Arms – Straight Out, Crossed at Shoulders),
3&4R Coaster Step, (Arms at Shoulders – Open, Crossed, Open),
5&6¼ Turn right stepping L foot to L side, Recover on R, Step L over R,
7&8Rock R to right side, Recover on L, Cross R over L,

Bump & Bump L, ¼ Bump & Bump R, ¼ Bump & Bump L, Bump & Bump R,
1&2Step L foot to L side and Bump hip L twice,
3&4¼ Hinge turn right, stepping R to R side, Bump R hip twice, (3:00),
5&6¼ Hinge turn right, stepping L to L side, Bump L hip twice, (6:00),
7&8Step R foot to R side and Bump R hip twice,

Rock Back, Recover, Kickball Change, Step, Chase, Full Triple Turn,
1&Rock back on L, Recover on R, (4:00),
2&3Kickball Change,
4Step L fwd (4:00),
5&6Step fwd on R, Pivot ½ turn left stepping fwd on L, Step R fwd,
7&8½ Turn right stepping L back, ½ Turn right stepping R fwd, Step L fwd (10:00),

Diagonal Rocking Chair X 2, Jazz Box Squaring Up,
1&2&Rock fwd on R, Recover on L, Rock back on R, Recover on L, (10:00),
3&4&Rock fwd on R, Recover on L, Rock back on R, Recover on R,
5-8Jazz Box turning right to square up to 12:00,

Part B – 32 Counts
Mambo R, Arms – (Cross, Open, Down), Body Roll, Coaster Step
1&2Step R to right side, Looking right, as arms swing out to L side(1), Recover on L foot, Looking fwd(&), Step R next to L, as arms swing straight out to right side (2),
3&4Cross arms at Chest(3), Uncross arms (&), Bring arms down by sides(4),
5-6Body Roll forward,
7&8(Flow into) R Coaster Step,

Press, Recover, Arms – (Cross, Open, Up), Coaster Step With Arms – (Down, Across, Open), Chase,
1-2Press fwd on ball of L foot, with hands over your face, Palms facing out(1), Drop hands to sides, Step L next to R,(2),
3&4No footwork – Cross hands in front of your neck(3), Uncross hands, so that palms are facing each other and are by your ear level (&), Hands go straight up (4),
5&6R Coaster Step, Hands – Come straight down to neck level,(5) Cross over (&) and then Out, palms facing each other(6),
7&8Leave hands where they are as you do a Chase ½ Turn, (Step, ½ Turn, Step),

Side, Touch & Snap, Side Shuffle, Side, Touch & Snap, Side Shuffle,
1-2Drop arms, Step R to right side(1), Touch L behind R as you snap your fingers to R side, Look over your R shoulder(2),
3&4Look fwd and Shuffle to left side, L, R, L,
5-8Repeat above steps 1-2, 3&4,

Pivot 1/2, Rock Out R,L,R, Together, Punch Out To Sides, Hands Crossed, Hold,
1-2Step fwd on R, Pivot ½ turn left, Stepping fwd on L,
3-5Rock out to sides, R, L, R, (add shoulder rocks as well),
6Step L next to R, as you punch out to sides, in a fist, (L hand 9:00, R hand 3:00),
7Cross hands straight down, in front by thighs, in a fist,

Part C – 32 Counts
Diagonal Rocking Chair, Step, Hitch, Hip Twist R,L, Press, Hitch, Press, Hitch,
1&2&Rocking chair, R,L,R,L, (10:00),
3&4Step fwd on R(3), Hitch L foot as Twist hip right, Twist hip left,
5-8Press L fwd, Hitch L foot, Press L fwd, Hitch L foot,

Step, Hitch R Turning R, R Coaster, Rocking Chair, Step, Brush, Twist 1/4, Hitch,
1-2Step fwd on L(1), Turn right facing 3:00, Hitching R foot(2),
3&4R Coaster Step,
5&6&Rocking Chair, L,R,L,R,
7&8Step fwd on L foot(7), Brush R foot and as you do that, twist on L turning left, to square up to 12:00, Hitching R foot,

Step With Hitches Facing Corners, With Shoulder Pops, (Making a full turn Right),
1-2Step 1/8 turn right on R foot, facing 1:00, Hitching L, Popping Shoulders back, Chest fwd,
3-4Step R foot down towards 5:00, Hitching R, Popping Shoulders,
5-6Step L foot down towards 7:00, Hitching L, Popping Shoulders,
7-8Step R foot down facing 12:00, Hitching R, Popping Shoulders,

Back, Back, Back, Coaster Step, Chase, Chase,
1&2Step back R, L, R,
3&4L Coaster,
5&6Chase ½ turn left, (Step fwd on R, Pivot ½ on L, Step fwd on R),
7&8Chase ½ turn right, (Step fwd on L, Pivot ½ on R, Step fwd on L),

End of Dance!

The Big Finish – 4 Counts.
The dance ends after 32 counts of Part A, where you do the breathing motion at a diagonal 10:00. To finish,..
1Lean/Press forward on R foot (Squaring up to 12:00), With arms like in scooping motion or like a flower blooming .
2Roll back on L foot, step R next to L as you bring your arms in,
3Drop head down,

Watch video to get a better understanding of the arms parts.

Have fun with it!!!

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