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Arms of An Angel

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Intermediate Rolling 8-Count
Rex Chuan – September 2018
Sarah Mclachlan - In The Arms Of The Angel
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Start: at the eighth count of the prelude when vocal goes “all your time”, LF back(8), RF R(&), LF cross(a), and then start the 32 count main dance.

Main Dance (32)
S1: Rock-Recover-Cross X2, 3-Step Turn, Forward, Side, Pivot Forward, Hitch Spiral, Ronde, Pivot Turn, Forward Out Out
1&a2&aRF R(1), recover on LF(&), RF cross LF(a), LF L(2), recover on RF(&), LF cross RF(a)
3&a4&aRF forward(3), R 3/8 turn and LF next to RF(&), R 3/8 turn and RF in place(a) (9:00), LF forward(4), RF step diagonally(&), pivot quarter turn L and LF forward(a) (7:30)
5&a6aWind counterclockwise with arms raised laterally with right arm pointing at 7:30(5), unwind(&), hitch R knee(a), after a total of 7/8 turn RF land forward(6)(6:00) and LF sweep forward, R 1/8 turn and RF forward(a)
7&a8&aRF forward(7), swivel turn R 5/8 and LF forward(a), RF forward(8), RF R on toe(&), LF L on toe(a) (12:00)

S2: Spiral, Sweep and Behind Side, Cross Tap Behind, Forward, Sweep Swivel Cross, Hitch Cross, Twinkle X2
1a2aR quarter turn and LF forward(1), R full turn and RF forward(a), half turn R and LF back(2) and sweep RF back, RF land behind LF(a) (9:00)
3&4LF L(3), RF cross tap behind LF(&), hold(4)
5 6R quarter turn and RF forward(5) and sweep LF while swivel half turn R, Cross LF(6) hitch RF (6:00)
7&a8&aRF cross(7), LF L(&), RF back(a), LF cross(8), RF R(&), LF back(a) (6:00)

S3: Sweep, Twinkle, Sweep, 3-Step Turn, Hitch Swivel, 3-Step Turn, Rock Recover, Side Cross
12&aRF forward(1) and LF sweep forward, LF cross(2), RF R(&), LF forward(a)
34&aRF cross(3) LF sweep forward, LF cross(4) 3/8 turn L and LF slightly back(&), quarter turn L and LF forward(a) (10:30)
56&aRF hitch(5) and swivel L full turn on LF, RF land forward(6), half turn R and LF back(&), half turn R and RF forward(a) (4:30)
78&aLF forward(7), Recover on RF(8), LF L(&), L quarter turn and RF forward(a) (1:30)

S4: Pivot Turn, Walk, Walk and Hitch, Back Side Forward With Turn, Jump Turn Sweep, Weave, Unwind, Sweep Cross Weave
123aLF forward(1), swivel half turn R and RF forward(2), LF forward(3), RF hitch(a) (7:30)
4&aRF back(4), L 1/8 turn and LF L(&), RF forward(a) (6:00)
56&aJump half turn R and land on LF(5) and sweep RF back, RF cross behind(6), LF L(&), RF cross(a)
78&aUnwind 3/4 turn L(7) and sweep LF back, LF cross behind(8), RF side(&), LF cross(a) (3:00)

Restarts: there are three brief walls which restart after 4 ct. The first one is at the end of the second wall facing 6:00, start the new wall for 4ct and restart again for 4ct and restart again. The second one is after the sixth wall facing 12:00, start the dance for 4ct and restart again.

Ending: after 16ct of the last wall facing 12:00, do one forward turn and pose.

Enjoy the dance!

( 06:38:46)


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