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As The First Time

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High Intermediate
Roy Verdonk (NL), Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) , & José miguel Belloque Vane, (NL) October 2017
Kacy Hill - First Time (Album Release: Like a Woman 2017). (iTunes & other mp3 sites) (approx 3:32 mins).
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Introduction: Start on approx 08 sec.

Part 1. [1-8] Side, Weave R with Sweep R, Cross, Back with ¼ Turn R, Step Sweep L with ½ R, Cross Sailor L with 1/8 Turn L, Cross Sailor R with 3/8 Turn R.
1,2&Step R to R (1), Step L behind R (2), Step R to R (&).
3Cross L over R and sweep R from back to front (3).
4&5Step R across L (4), Make ¼ turn R (3.00) step L back (&), Continue a ½ turn R (9.00) step R forward and sweep L from back to front (5).
6&7Step L across R (6), Making 1/8 turn L (7.30) step R to R (&), Step L to L (7).
&8&Step R across L (&), Making 3/8 turn L (12.00) step L to L (8), Step R to R (&).

PART 2. [9-17] Step with 1/8 turn R, Runs Back R, L, Back Sweep L with ¼ Turn L, Behind, Side, Syncopated Locks Fwd Slow L, ½ Pivot Turn L, Step with 1/8 Turn R.
1Make 1/8 turn R (1.30) step L across forward (1).
2&3On diagonal: Stepping R back (2), Stepping L back (&), Step R back and make ¼ turn L (10.30) and sweep L from front to back (3).
4&On diagonal: Step L behind R (4), Step R to R (&).
5&6&7On diagonal: Step L forward (5), Lock R behind L (&), Step L forward (6), Lock R behind, Step L forward (&).
8&1On diagonal: Step R forward (8), Pivot ½ turn L (4.30) over L (&) take weight onto L, Make 1/8 R (6.00) step R forward (1).
(NB: Tag here in wall 2 after 17 counts, after start again facing 12 o`clock) / ( TAG: 1,2&3,4 Step L to L, Hold, 2x Chest Pumps fwd, Step L beside R ).

PART 3. [18-24] Side Rock & Step with ¼ Turn R, Runs Fwd, Side with 1/8 Turn L, Steps Back L, R, Big Side Step L with Body Sway 1/8 Turn L, Together.
2&3Step L to L (2), Make ¼ turn R (9.00) recover back onto R (&), Step L forward (3).
4&5Stepping R forward (4), Stepping L forward (&), Make 1/8 turn L (7.30) step R big to R with small drag L (5).
6&7On diagonal: Stepping L back (6), Stepping R back (&), Make 1/8 turn L (6.00) step L big to L with small drag R and sway your body up (7).
8Step R beside L take weight on R (8).

PART 4. [25-32] Step, Toe Tap Behind, Replace, Sweep, Behind, Side, Out, Arm Movements, Arm Movement with Knee Rise R, Basic Nightclub R.
1&2Step L forward (1), Tap R toe behind L (&), Step R back in place and sweep L from front to back (2).
3&4Step L behind R (3), Step R to R (&), Step L out to L (4).
5&(Put R hand up to front with spread fingers) (5), (Put L hand up to front with spread fingers) (&).
6(Bring fingers of both hands together and bring L hand to L and bring R hand to R (palms down) pull both hands down and lift R knee up.
7,8&Step R to R drag L (7), Step L beside R (8), Step R across L (&).
(NB: 1st and 2nd Restart here in WALL 3/5 after 32 counts ( Step R to R drag L, Step L beside R), after start again facing 6 o`clock).

PART 5. [33-40] ¼ Turn R, Continue a ¼ Turn R, Side, Cross, Side Rock / Recover with ¼ Turn L, Step with Sweep L, Fwd Rock / Recover, Big Step L with ¼ Turn L, Touch.
1,2&Make ¼ R step L back and continue ¼ turn R (12) (holding weight onto L) (1), Step R to R (2), Step L across R (&).
3,4Step R to R (3), Make ¼ turn L (9.00) recover back on L (4).
5,6&Step R forward sweep L from back to front (5), Step L forward (6), Recover back on R (&).
7,8Make ¼ turn L (6.00) step L big to L (7), Touch R beside L (8).


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Stokies October 23, 2017
Naughty boys when did you post this on Copperknob Says Sept first time i've seen it I'm Liking this one Haunting track by Kacy Hill your artistic interpretation is spot on Very Nice best Wishes Victoria

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