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As Tiers Go By (For Boris)

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Michal Smal (UK) - January 2021
As Tears Go By - Marianne Faithfull
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#32 count intro approx. 15 secs. Note: Count 1 is 2 beats before vocals. (no tags or restarts)

Section 1: Cross Point, Cross Point, Jazz box ¼ Turn Right, Cross.
1 - 2Step Right forward across Left. Point Left to left side.
3 - 4Step Left forward across Right. Point Right to right side.
5 - 6Cross Right across Left, Step Left back,
7 - 8Step Right ¼ turn right, Step Left over Right (3.00),

Section 2: Right Side Shuffle, Back Rock Recover, ¼ Turn Right Toe Strut, x2.
1 & 2Step Right to right, Left close to Right, Right to right side
3 - 4Left Rock behind on diagonal, Recover on Right.
5 - 6Left Toe ¼ Turn Right, Left Heel down (6.00)
7 - 8Right Toe ¼ Turn Right, Right Heel down. (9.00)

Section 3: Step Left Across Right, Step Right Back, Step Left to the Side, Close Right to Left, Left Lock, Left Lock Step.
1 - 2Step Left across Right, Step Right back.
3 - 4Step Left to Left, Step Right to beside Left.
5 - 6Step Left forward, Lock Right behind.
7 & 8Step Left forward, Lock Right behind, Step Left forward.

Section 4: Step Right, Pivot 1/2 Turn Left, Right Toe Strut, Left Toe Strut, Rock Forward, Recover
1 - 2Step Right forward, Pivot ½ turn left. (3.00)
3 - 4Right toe step, Right heel down
5 - 6Left toe step, Left heel down.
7 - 8Rock forward on Right, Recover back on Left.

Section 5: Back Strut, Back Strut, Rock Back Recover, ½ Turn Left, ½ Turn Left (option walk, walk)
1 - 2Step back on Right toe, Right heel down.
3 - 4Step back on Left toe, Left heel down.
5 - 6Rock back on Right, Recover forward on Left.
7 - 8Step Right forward with ½ turn left, Step Left forward with ½ turn left.
[Ending: Replace counts 7-8 with - on ball of left foot 1/4 turn left, step right & pose (12.00)]

Section 6: Paddle Turn ¼ Left, x2, Right Rock Forward, Recover, Shuffle Half Turn Right.
1 - 2Step forward on Right, Paddle ¼ turn Left, (12.00)
3 - 4Step forward on Right, Paddle ¼ turn Left, (9.00)
5 - 6Right rock forward, recover Left.
7 & 8Right step ½ turn, Left Step left, Right Step forward. (3.00)

Section 7: Cross, Point, Cross Point, Jazz Box Cross.
1 - 2Cross Left over Right, Point Right to right side.
3 - 4Cross Right over Right, Point Left to right side.
5 - 6Cross Left across Right, Step Right back.
7 - 8Step Left to left side, Step Right across Left.

Section 8: Step Back,1/4 Right, Cross, Side, Behind, Side, Cross, Touch.
1 - 2Step Left back, Step Right ¼ turn to right side. (6.00)
3 - 4Cross Left over Right, Step Right to right side.
5 - 6Step Left behind Right, Step Right to right side.
7 - 8Step Left across Right, Touch Right beside Left.

Start Again

Ending: Wall 5 - Starts facing 12.00, Dance up to S5 count 6 then on ball of left foot turn 1/4 turn left, step right to right side & pose to finish at 12.00.

Printed by AC's - Almost Country for Boris Johnson & dedicated to all our lock-down dancers who, like me, are confined to home and every day we wake up and find "It is the morning of the day, I sit & watch the children play, smiling faces I can see but not for me. I sit and watch as "tiers" go by....." etc etc etc.


Michal003 January 25, 2021
Dance went well in online classes for the last 2 weeks

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