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As Wished (Rú Yuàn)

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High Intermediate
Asan Lim (INA) & deQueen (INA) - November 2021
As Wished (如愿) - Faye Wong (王菲)
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Start on vocal, 34C.

S1: Hitch, Step Back, Hitch, Step Back, Side, Cross, Recover, Weave, Recover, Side
&1Hitch Lf knee out make figure 4 (&), Step Lf back start hitch Rf (1)
2&3Step Rf back (2), Step Lf to L (&), Step Rf across Lf (3)
4&5&6Recover Lf (4), Step Rf to R (&), Step Lf across Rf (5), Step Rf to R (&), Step Lf back (6)
&7 8&Step Rf to R (&), Step Lf across Rf (7), Recover Rf (8), Step Lf to L (&)

S2: Rock Forward, Recover, Together, Rock Forward, Recover, Together, Pivot Turn, Walk, Sweep, Walk, Sweep, 1/8 L Step Forward
1 2&3Step Rf frwd (1), Recover Lf (2), Step Rf beside Lf (&), Step Lf frwd (3)
4&5 6Recover Rf (4), Step Lf beside Rf (&), Step Rf frwd (5), ½ Turn L Step Lf frwd (6) (06.00)
7 8 &Step Rf frwd sweeping Lf back to front (7), Step Lf frwd sweeping Rf back to front (8), 1/8 L Step Rf frwd (&) (04.30)

S3: Touch, Recover, Sailor Step, Arabesque, Step Back, Hook
1 2Touch Lf back bending both knees (1), Straighten up stepping down Lf start sweeping Rf front to back (2)
3&4½ Turn R Step RF back (3), Step LF beside Rf (&), Step Rf frwd (4) (10.30)
5 6Step Lf frwd bending both knees (5), Straighten up Lf while lifting Rf back from the floor (both knees should be straight) (6)
*There's only one restart here on wall 6. Add a '&' after count 5-6. After the Arabesque Step Back Rf 1/8 R to 12.00 (&) then restart the dance again.
7 8Step down Rf back (7), Hook Lf (8)

S4: 1/8 L Walk, Walk, ½ R Recover, Sway Upper Body 3x, Forward, Full Turn R, Walk, Touch
1&21/8 L Step Lf frwd (1) (09.00), Step Rf frwd (&), ¼ Turn L Recover Lf sway upper body to L (2) (06.00)
3&4Sway upper body to R (3), Sway upper body to L (&), Step Rf fwrd (4)
5&6½ Turn R Step Lf back (5), ½ Turn R Step Rf frwd (&), Step Lf frwd (6)
7 8Step Rf fwrd (7), Touch Lf frwd (8)

There are 3 Tags after Wall 2, 5 and 7
TAG (1-2) : HOLD for 2 count (You can do free style arm styling)


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