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Attention Baby

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Nancy Hins (CAN) - January 2019
Attention by Charlie Puth
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Intro : 16 counts
Tag of 4 counts facing 12h after 8th wall

(1-8) Press-Recover, Triple Step on place, Press-Recover, Triple Step on place
1-2Press RF forward (1), Recover on LF (2) (wo LF) (12h)
3&4Triple Steps on place : RF (3), LF (&), RF (4) (wo RF) (12h)
5-6Press LF forward (5), Recover on RF (6) (wo RF) (12h)
7&8Triple Steps on place : LF (7), RF (&), LF (8) (wo LF) (12h)

(9-16) Cross, Point, Cross behind, Point, Cross, Point, Cross behind, Touch
1-2Cross RF over LF (1), Point LF to the left (2) (wo RF) (12h)
3-4Cross LF behind RF (3), Point RF to the right (4) (wo LF) (12h)
5-6Cross RF over LF (5), Point LF to the left (26) (wo RF) (12h)
7-8Cross LF behind RF (7), Touch RF next to LF (8) (wo LF) (12h)

(17-24) Vine right with Touch, Side, Together, Shuffle left
1-4Step RF to right (1), Cross LF behind RF (2), Step RF to right (3), Touch LF next to RF (4) (wo RF) (12h)
5-6Step LF to left (5), RF next to LF (6) (wo RF) (12h)
7&8Step LF to left (7), Step RF next to LF (&), Step LF to left (8) (wo LF) (12h)

(25-32) 2 Paddles 1/8 turn left, Jazz Box
1-2Step RF slightly in the diagonal forward (1), Pivot on LF with 1/8 turn left (2) (wo LF) (10h30)
3-4Step RF slightly in the diagonal forward (3), Pivot on LF with 1/8 turn left (4) (wo LF) (9h)
5-6Cross RF over LF (5), Step LF back (6) (wo LF) (9h)
7-8Step RF to right side (7), Step LF forward (8) (wo LF) (9h)

One easy Tag : Wall 8 begins facing 3h and then the music change.
You do all the sequence and you finish facing 12h.
At this moment, there is a 4 counts break in the song, similar to a pause.
All you have to do is place both hands (one over the other) in front of your chest and you fake pumping 4 times.
(It’s like no more heartbeat).
Begin the dance again for the 9th wall.

Final : Wall 10 will begin facing 9h and will finish facing 6h.
To finish to the front, you must cross over your 8th count of the JazzBox and make a ½ turn right (wo LF)
Start again and keep smiling, dance is beautiful!

AreaVog - Le studio de danse en ligne urbaine
January 2018



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