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Aw Naw

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Beginner / Intermediate
Robin Lockhart - March 2014
Aw Naw - Chris Young
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(1-8) Toe-Heel Struts, Step, Step, Heel Twists
1,2Step forward on LEFT TOES (1), drop or “slap” LEFT HEEL down (2),
3,4Step forward on RIGHT TOES (3), drop or “slap” RIGHT HEEL down (4)
5,6Cross & step LEFT over Right (5), step RIGHT beside Left (6)
7,8Twist HEELS Right (7), return (twist) HEELS to center (8)

(9-16) Scuff, Cross, Scuff, ¼ Turn Left, Kick-Ball Cross, Kick-Ball Cross
1,2Scuff LEFT beside Right (1), cross & step LEFT over Right (2)
3,4Scuff RIGHT beside Left (3), making ¼ turn Left, cross & step RIGHT over Left (4)
5&6Kick LEFT diagonally forward (5), step LEFT beside Right (&), step RIGHT over Left (6)
7&8Kick LEFT diagonally forward (7), step LEFT beside Right (&), step RIGHT over Left (8)

(17-24) Monterey Turns Left
1,2Touch LEFT TOE to Left side (1), sweep LEFT back making ½ turn Left & shift weight to LEFT FOOT (2)
3,4Touch RIGHT TOE to Right side (3), step RIGHT beside Left (4)
5-8Repeat previous 4 steps (5-8)

(25-32) Heel Grinds, Coaster Steps
1,2Touch LEFT HEEL forward (1), “grind” LEFT HEEL (2)
3&4Step back on LEFT (3), step RIGHT beside Left (&), step forward on LEFT (4)
5,6Touch RIGHT HEEL forward (5), “grind” RIGHT HEEL (6)
7&8Step back on RIGHT (7), step LEFT beside Right (&), step forward on RIGHT (8)

(33-40) Rock Step, Backward Shuffle, Rock Step, Forward Shuffle
1,2Step forward on LEFT (1), rock back onto RIGHT (2)
3&4Shuffle backward stepping LEFT (3), RIGHT (&), LEFT (4)
5,6Step back on RIGHT (5), rock forward on LEFT (6)
7&8Shuffle forward stepping RIGHT (7), LEFT (&), RIGHT (8)

(41-48) Side Rock Left, Shuffle In Place, Side Rock Right, Shuffle In Place
1,2Step LEFT to Left side (1), rock back onto RIGHT (2)
3&4Shuffle (triple step) in place stepping LEFT (3), RIGHT (&), LEFT (4)
5,6Step RIGHT to Right side (5), rock back onto LEFT (6)
7&8Shuffle (triple step) in place stepping RIGHT (7), LEFT (&), RIGHT (8)


Step Sheet Approved By Choreographer
Prepared and taught by:
Begin With Bob - 117 Crest Road, Cary, N.C. 27513 - (919) 469-5828

Contact: Bob Webster -


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