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Aw Naw (Shakers Style)

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Steve Lustgraaf (USA) - May 2013
Aw Naw - Chris Young
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(Charlene Caniglia, Liz Devney, Sarah Tucker, Kathy Valasek) 05/27/2013

Start dance on vocals, 16 counts from first hard beat

Walk, Walk, Step, Quarter turn, Cross, ¼ turn x 2, Sailor Step
1-2Step forward R, step forward L
3&4Step forward R, ¼ turn left stepping L, cross R over L (9 o’clock)
5-6¼ turn right stepping back on L, ¼ turn right stepping side R (3 o’clock)
7&8Step L behind, slightly side R, side L

Behind, Hold, Side Cross Side, Heel and Touch and Heel and Step Forward
9-10Step R behind L, Hold
11&12Step side L, step R across L, step side L
13&14&R heel forward, step R, touch L next to R, step L
15&16R heel forward, step R, step forward L

¼ Turn right, Jazz box, ½ turn Monterey
17-18¼ turn right then cross R over L, step back L (6 o’clock)
19-20Step side R, cross L over R
21-22Touch side R, ½ turn right and step on R next to L (12 o’clock)
2324Touch side L, step L next to R

Kick and Point x2, ¼ turn Hip Roll x2
25&26Small kick forward R, step R next to L, point side L
27&28Small kick forward L, step L next to R, point side R
29-30Step forward R, rolling the hips turn ¼ left and step L (9 o’clock)
31-32Step forward R, rolling the hips turn ¼ left and step L (6 o’clock)

Cross, Step, ½ turn Sailor, Knee Roll x2, Running ½ Circle
33-34Step R across L, Step forward diagonal L
35&36Step R behind L, ¼ turn right step L, ¼ turn right step R (12 o’clock)
37-38Roll L knee out stepping slightly forward, roll R knee out stepping slightly forward (kinda looks like skate steps which can be done as option)
39&40Turning slightly left on each step, step forward L, R, L (ending 6 o’clock)

¼ Turn, Slide Right, ¼ Sailor Step, ¼ Turn, ½ Turn
41-42¼ turn left then slide side R, hold (3 o’clock)
43&44Step L behind R, ¼ turn left step R slightly back, step slightly forward L (12 o’clock)
45-46Step forward R, turn ¼ left and step forward L (9 o’clock)
47-48Step forward R, turn ½ left and step forward L (3 o’clock)

Start again

Ending: On the 7th time through the dance, on count 16 you are facing to the left of the front wall.
Do your ¼ turn right and cross the R over the L as on count 17 to finish facing front.

Intime Dance Productions - Steve Lustgraaf - email:


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