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B & C Shuffle (P)

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Bernice Caddick & Colin Caddick
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Position: Sweetheart Position
1-4Grapevine right, step left beside right.
5-8Jazz box (step right over left, step back on left, step right to side, touch left beside right)
9-12Grapevine left, step right beside left.
13-16Jazz box (step left over right, step back on right, step left to side, touch right beside left.
17-18Rock forward on right, step left in place.
19-20Rock back on right, step left in place.
21-22Step forward right, drop left hand & pivot ½ turn left, pick up left hand & drop right hand, rejoin right hand in front.
Now in Reverse Sweetheart Position
23-26Shuffle forward right-left-right, then left-right-left.
27-42Repeat steps 1-16.
43-44Step forward right, pivot ½ turn to left, bringing you back to LOD (do not let go of hands).
45-48Shuffle forward right-left-right, then left-right-left.
49-50Stomp right beside left twice. (weight on right)
51-52Step forward left turning ¼ to left (lift right & drop left hands). Step right to side turning ¼ to left (pick up left hands & raise above heads, at the same time bringing right hands down, let go of right hands).
53-54Step back left turning ¼ to left (rejoin right hands & outstretch both arms level to shoulders). Step right beside left still turning ¼ to left (return to sweetheart position).
55-58Twist heels to right, center, left, center.
59-61Step right to side making ¼ turn to face outside LOD (man should now be behind lady), hitch left, step left to side.
62-64Step right behind left, step left to side making ¼ turn to left back into LOD, hitch right.
65-68Shuffle forward right-left-right, then left-right-left.
69-72Right kick ball change twice.



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