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B Hollywood

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Sho Botham (UK) - November 2010
Hollywood - Michael Bublé
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This beginner dance was choreographed in response to a request for a beginner dance to this track.
The B in the title stands for beginner.

Intro: 20 counts from la la la etc – start dance on the word "idol".

Section 1: 4 x step and kick stepping RLRL
1,2Step R to R diagonal, kick L across front of R
3.4 Step L to L diagonal, kick R scross front of L
5,6Step R to R diagonal, kick L across front of R
7,8Step L to L diagonal, kick R across front of L

Section 2: Toe strut weave traveliing to R
1,2Toe strut R to R side
3,4Toe strut L across front of R
5,6Toe strut R to R
7,8Rock back L, step in place R

Section 3: Toe strut weave travelling to L and turn 1/4 L
1,2Toe strut L to L side
3,4Toe strut R across front of L
5,6Toe strut L to L side
7,8Rock back R, step in place L making 1/4 turn L (turn can happen over counts 7, 8)

Section 4: Step forward x 2 (out, out), step back x 2 (in, in) and pose Hollywood style with
Jazz hands, raise or lower jazz hands slowly
1,2Wide step forward R, wide step forward, L (out, out)
3,4Step backwards R, step backwards L (in, in)
5,6*Touch R beside L (with flexed R knee), Jazz hands out to sides low or high
7,8*Raise or lower Jazz hands Hollywood style from where they are on previous count
* try hitting a Hollywood pose here – think Marilyn Monroe for the girls and strong
leading man for the guys – this is a bit of fun for those who want to give styling a try
without worrying about what their feet are doing at the same time.

Begin dance again and enjoy

RESTART: Wall 8 – dance sections 1 and 2 (16 counts) then
Small lunge L to L (weight on L) and hold for 3 counts (4 counts in total)
Restart facing the same wall

Jazz hands: Hands are open, palms facing front with fingers splayed


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