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Ba Da Ba Da

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Silvia Schill – September 2017
Grandpa's Groove von Parov Stelar feat. AronChupa
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The dance begins with the singing

Charleston Steps 2x
1-2RF swing in a circle forward and touch right toe forward - RF swing in a circle back and step back with RF
3-4LF swing in a circle back and touch left toe back – LF swing in a circle forward and step forward with LF
5-8As 1-4

Jazz Box ¼ Turn R, Heel Split, Flick R, Heel Split, Flick L
1,2,3,4Cross RF over the LF, step back with LF and ¼ turn right, RF to right side, LF beside RF (3 o’clock)
5&Turn both hooks outwards and turn them back
6&The right heel behind high, RF beside LF
7&Turn both hooks outwards and turn them back
8&The left heel behind high, LF beside RF

Dorothy Steps R+L, Rock Forward R, Triple Step ½ Turn R
1,2&Step right diagonally forward with RF, cross LF behind RF and step right diagonally forward with RF
3,4&Step left diagonally forward with LF, cross RF behind RF and step left diagonally forward with LF
5,6Step forward with RF, lift LF, weight back on LF
7&8Step back with RF with ¼ turn right, LF beside RF, step forward with RF with ¼ turn right (9 o’clock)

Side, Behind, Side, Heel, Cross L, Back ¼ Turn L, Step Turn ½ R, Out Out In In
1,2&3Step LF to left side with ¼ turn right, RF cross behind LF, step LF to left side, tap right heel diagonally forward (12 o’clock)
&4RF beside LF, cross LF over RF
5,6Step back with RF with ¼ turn left (9 o’clock), step forward with LF with ½ turn left (3 o’clock)
&7&8Step RF to right side, step LF to left side, step RF to left side and LF beside RF

Start again and happy dancing!

Tag: After the 4th passage on 12 o’clock
-4 x Walk in Semicircle
1-44 Steps (right-left-right-left) walk in a semicircle (6 o’clock)

Ending: In the second block Jazz Box ¼ turn right and Jazz Box ½ turn right (12 o’clock)

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