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Absolute Beginner
Karianne Heimvik (NOR) - June 2019
Be My Baby by Bea Midler (Dirty Dancing)
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(1-8) rumbabox, step kick x2, side chasse
1&2&step LF to left, step RF next to LF, step LF fwd, step RF next to LF
3&4&step RF to right, step LF next to RF, step RF back, step LF next to RF
5&step LF to left, kick RF over LF
6&step RF to right, kick LF over RF
7&8&step LF to left, step RF next to LF, step LF to left, step RF next to LF

(9-16) right mambo, left mambo, walk, walk, run, run, run ¼ turn
1&2rock RF to right, recover weight to LF, step RF next to LF
3&4rock LF to left, recover weight to RF, step LF next to RF
5,6step RF fwd, step LF fwd
7&8make ¼ turn to right by running RF, LF, RF

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Jazzbox June 20, 2019
I like it a lot. This little dance makes it easy to teach a rumba box and mambos--nice job!

karianne June 22, 2019
Thank you❤️

Karen Kennedy June 22, 2019
Your dance is not 16 counts but 32 counts due to slowness of the music.
Section 1 - Your Rumba box is counts 1 -8
Section 2 - Side, Kick x2 and Side, Close, Side, Close (Chasse) is counts 1 -8
Section 3 Right and Left Mambo with holds is 1 -8
Section 4 Step right, Hold, Step left, hold, Walk around half R, L, R, Hold is counts 1-8.

If you watch other video's to this music that are also Beginner or Complete they are all mostly single counts. Your dance is fine but you have put in 1/2 beats that are simply not there.

karianne June 23, 2019
Thank you for your feedback Karen Kennedy. I see what you meen and you are more than welcome to count it as a 32 count dance. Hope you enjoy the dance, however you chose to count it.

Metaltigger June 28, 2019
I am in agreement with Karen Kennedy.
Also an Absolute Beginner is someone who has no dance experience to maybe only 7-8 lesson - learning the very basics.
The dance itself flows nicely and cannot be faulted.

karianne June 29, 2019
Thank you for the feedback metaltigger, you are ofcourse welcome to count to 8 and make it a 32 count if you want to. I found that it made it easier for my student to follow when i made it the way i count it. it then gets a "slower" count and some absolute beginners find that easier to follow. this dance was originally made for seniors and other walk in students, and it has been a hit. so dont worry about how you are counting my dance, count it however you want, just enjoy it <3 i hope you do!

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