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Side Rock. Recover. Cross. Side rock. Recover. Touch. Hitch. Jump (optional)
1-2 Rock right to right. Recover on left.
3-4 Cross step right over left. Rock left to left.
5-6 Recover on right. Touch left beside right.
7-8 Hitch left up. Make a small jump to left landing with feet together (or step to left if you would prefer not to jump) weight ends left.

Side. Rock. Recover. Cross. Hold. Forward. Back. Forward. Hitch.
1-2 Rock right to right. Recover on left.
3-4 cross step right over left. Hold.
5-6 step/ rock left forward. Recover on right.
7-8 Rock forward on left. Hitch right knee

Rock. Recover. Shuffle ½ right. Rock. Recover. Shuffle ¼ left.
1-2 Rock forward onto right. Recover on left.
3&4 Make ¼ right stepping right to side. Make ¼ right stepping left beside right. Step right forward.
5-6 Rock forward left. Recover on right.
7&8 Step left ¼ left. Step right beside left. Step left to side.

Cross. Point. Behind. Point. Cross. Side mambo step.
1-2 Cross right over left. Point left to side.
3-4 Step left behind right. Point right to side.
5-6 Cross right over left. Rock left to left side.
7-8 Recover on right. Step left beside right.



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