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Baby Be Mine

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High Intermediate NC2
Linda McCormack (UK) - September 2014
Baby Be Mine – Quadron (iTunes)
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Count in: 15 count intro

Notes: 8 count Tag- comes in end of walls 2, 6, 8 & 10/ Restart comes in after count 7 on wall 4

[8&1-8&] Cross, side, double sweep, shuffle full turn, 1/8th step, back, recover, 2 step full turn.
8&1,2Cross R over L (8); step L to L side (&); step R behind L, whilst sweeping LF (tracing a circle on the floor) (1); bring LF back next to R (2);
3,4&5Repeat sweep (3); shuffle full turn (over L shldr, starting shuffle on LF) (4&5);
6,7&Step RF to R side (and slightly back) 1/8th a turn to L (into 11.30 wall) (6); rock back on LF (7); recover weight back onto RF (&);
8&Two step full turn- ½ turn over R shldr, stepping back on LF (8); ½ turn stepping forward on RF (back into 11.30 wall) (&);

[1&2-8&] Touch, ball, step, ½ pivot, together, touch back, 2 x sweeps, rock back recover, 1/8th step, ½ turn, hitch.
1&2Touch LF forward (1); step LF next to RF (&); step forward on RF (2)
3,4&½ turn pivot (into 4.30 diagonal wall- feet stay in same position, weight back on RF) (3); step back on LF (4); touch R toe back (&);
5,6(whilst stepping weight onto RF) sweep LF round (5); (whilst stepping weight onto LF) sweep RF round (6);
7&8&Rock back on RF (7); recover weight forward onto LF (&); step RF to R side turning 1/8th to square up to the 3.00 wall (8); ½ turn over L shldr, hitching the LF (&);

[1-8&] Sways x 3, together, chest contract, cross, ¼, ¼, cross rock, recover, side, cross.
1,2,3,4&(whilst stepping LF to L side) sway L, R, L (1,2,3); step RF together to L (4); contract through the chest (&);
5,6,&Cross LF over R (5); ¼ turn, stepping back on the RF (6.00 wall) (6); ¼ turn stepping LF to L side (3.00 wall)(&);
7&8&Cross rock RF over L (7); recover weight back onto LF (&); step RF to R side (8); cross LF over the R (&);

[1-&7] 2 x nightclub basics, side, behind, ¼, step forward, ¾ pivot turn.
1,2&R night basic (R side, L rock back, recover weight back onto R) (1,2&);
3,4&L night basic (L side, R rock back, recover weight back onto L) (3,4&);
5,6&Step R to R side (5); step LF behind R (6); ¼ turn R stepping forward on the RF (&);
7Stepping forward on the LF, slow ¾ pivot turn (to face 3.00 wall- keeping weight back on the LF) (7);

Tag: 4 counts/ comes at end of walls 2, 6, 8 and 10
8&1R front (8); L side(&); R behind sweeping LF round behind R (1);
2&3L behind (2); R side (&); L front sweeping RF round in front of L (3);

Ready to go into new wall on 8&1..

Restart : Comes in on wall 4 (wall 4 starts facing 9.00 wall)
Dance the dance up to count 7 (which will be the rock back on the LF) there will be a slight pause,
then go straight in Restart with R crossing over for 8&1 (you will be Restarting dance starting same wall, 9.00 wall.)



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