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Baby Believe (請相信我) (zh)

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Kate Sala (UK) - October 2008
Baby Believe - Kristy Lee Cook : (CD: Why Wait)
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前奏: 36 Count intro
Cross Twinkle, Cross, Side Touch R, Touch In 
交叉華士步, 交叉, 右側點, 併點
1 – 3
Cross step R over L. Step L to L side, Step R down in place. 
右足於左足前交叉踏, 左足左踏, 右足踏
4 – 6
Cross step L over R, Touch R toe out to R side, Touch R toe next to L instep.  左足於右足前交叉踏, 右足趾右點, 右足趾併點
Step Diagonal Forward R, Kick, Triple Full Turn L.
右斜角線前踏, , 小三步左轉圈
1 – 3
Step R forward to R diagonal. Kick L forward over 2 counts. (Facing 1:30) 右足右斜角線前踏, 左足前踢二次(面向1:30)
4 – 6
Stay facing R diagonal and triple full turn L on the spot with L, R, L. 面向右斜角線小三步左轉圈-, ,
(Optional: L coaster step for the above counts 4 – 6) 
Step Forward, Kick, Back Lock Step.
前踏, , 後鎖踏
1 – 3
Step forward on R. Kick L forward over 2 counts. 
右足前踏, 左足前踢二次
4 – 6
Step L back. Lock step R over L. Step back on L 
左足後踏, 右足於左足前鎖步, 左足後踏
(The above 6 counts is all danced still facing the R diagonal). 仍面向右斜角線
Side Step R, Drag In L, Cross Rock, Recover, Side Step L.
右側踏, 左拖併, 交叉下沉, 回復, 左側踏
1 – 3
Facing 12 o’clock make a long Step slightly back to R diagonal. Drag L in towards R over 2 counts. 
面向12點鐘右足右一大步, 左足以2拍拖併
4 – 6
Cross rock on L over R. Recover on to R. Step L to L side. 
左足於右足交叉下沉, 右足回復, 左足左踏
Cross Step R Behind, Unwind 1/2 Turn R, R Coaster Cross.
右後交叉踏, 右繞轉1/2, 右海岸交叉
1 – 3
Cross step R behind L. Unwind 1/2 turn R over 2 counts. (Weight on L). 右足於左足後交叉踏, 2拍右轉180(重心在左足)
4 – 6
Step back on R. step L next to R. Cross step R over L. (6 o’clock)
右足後踏, 左足併踏, 右足於左足前交叉踏(面向6點鐘
Basic Twinkle Forward, Basic Twinkle Back Facing Back Diagonal.
基本前華士步, 基本後華士步(面向後斜角線)
1 – 3
Facing Back L diagonal. Step forward on L. Step R next to L. Step L down in place. (面向左後斜角線), 左足前踏, 右足併踏, 左足踏
4 – 6
Still on the L diagonal. Step back on R. Step L next to R. Step R down in place. (Facing 4:30) 
(面向左斜角線)右足後踏, 左足併踏, 右足踏(面向4:30)
Walk Forward L, R, Sweep 1/4 Turn R, Cross Step, Long Step R, Drag In L.前走-, , 右繞轉1/4, 交叉踏, 右一大步, 左拖併
1 - 3
Walk forward facing 6 o’clock on L, R. Sweep L round to L side making 1/4 pivot R on R.  
左足前走(面向6點鐘), 右足前走, 左足右繞轉90
4 – 6
Cross step L over R. Take a long step R. Drag in L next to R. (9 o’clock)
左足於右足前交叉踏, 右足右一大步, 左足拖併(面向9點鐘)
Full Turn L With Sweep, Sailor Step. 轉圈繞, 水手步
1 – 3
Turn 1/4 L stepping forward on L. Turn 1/2 L stepping back on R. Pivot1/4 turn L on R sweeping L foot out and round to L side.  
左轉90度左足前踏, 左轉180度右足後踏, 左轉90度左足向左後繞
4 – 6
Cross step L behind R. Step R out to R side. Step L down in place .
左足於右足後交叉踏, 右足右踏, 左足踏 


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