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Baby DNCE With Me

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High Beginner
Christopher Gonzalez (USA) - February 2018
"DANCE" by DNCE, 2:59, 130 BPM,
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Notes Special thanks go out to Megan Barsuglia, Shane McKeever, and Amy Bailey for their feedback at Big Bang Dance Classic 2018! ^_^

#16-count intro ::

[1-8] R Charleston, R Jazz Square w/ ¼ R Turn, 12:00
1, 2Step R forward (1), kick (or touch) L forward (2) 12:00
3, 4Step L back (3), touch R back (4) 12:00
5, 6Turn ⅛ R and cross R over L (5), step L back (6) 1:30
7, 8Turn ⅜ R and step R to side (7), cross L over R (8) 3:00

[9-16] R Side Step, Together, Knee pop, R side touch, R fwd touch, R side touch, R hitch, 3:00
1, 2Big step R to side (1), hold* (2) 3:00
3&4Close L together (3), bend both knees while lifting heels (&), lower heels and straighten legs while shifting weight to L (4) 3:00
5, 6Touch R to side (5), touch R forward (6) 3:00
7, 8Touch R to side (7), hitch R knee (8) 3:00

[17-24] R step back, L heel, L step back, R heel, R rock back, L recover, Walk R, Walk L 3:00
1, 2Step R back (1), touch L heel forward (2) 3:00
3, 4Step L back (3), touch R heel forward (4) 3:00
5, 6Rock R back (5), recover L (6) 3:00
7, 8Step R forward (7), step L forward (8) 3:00

*9-10 Shoulder shimmies and booty shaking are highly encouraged!

Example 1: Push R shoulder forward and L shoulder back (1), push L shoulder forward and R shoulder back (&),
push R shoulder forward and L shoulder back (2), push shoulders down (3), shrug shoulders up (&), push shoulders down (4)

Example 2: Push R hip to side (1), push L hip to side (&), push R hip to side (2)
*11-12 Easier, non-syncopated option: Close L together (3), hold while shifting weight to L (4)
*&23& At 1:13, hit those knocks with a few quick runs! Step L slightly forward (&), step R slightly forward (7), step L slightly forward (&)
Claps! Throw in a clap or two when Mr. Jonas says “Clap your hands with me.” As wherever else you would like. I like to clap.
If you’re happy and you know it…

See you on the DNCE floor!

Contact - Email: - Phone: (234) 738-3607

Music link -


Tina M. February 10, 2018
Christopher Gonzales has taken 24 little counts and given us something really fun and stylish! Thanks!

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