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Baby Don't Rush

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John Huffman (May 2013)
Don't Rush by Kelly Clarkson feat. Vince Gill (Album: Don't Rush)
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Intro: Dance starts after 32 counts

Side, Cross-Rock, Recover, Back-Lock-Back, 1/2 Turn, 1/4 Turn, Cross Shuffle
1-2-31) Step R to R side 2) Cross rock L across R 3) Recover R
4&54) Step L back &) Lock step R across L 5) Step L back
6-76) Turn 1/2 R stepping fwd on R 7) Turn 1/4 R stepping L to L side
8&18) Cross R over L &) Step L to L side 1) Cross R over L (9:00)

Point, Cross, Point, Back, Point, Back, Side Shuffle
2-32) Point L to L side 3) Cross L over R
4-54) Point R to R side 5) Cross R behind L
6-76) Point L to L side 7) Cross L behind R
8&18) Step R to R side &) Step L next to R 1) Step R to R side (9:00)
Restart here during wall 4

Cross, Back, Side Shuffle, Cross-Rock, Recover, Shuffle 1/4 Turn
2-32) Cross L over R 3) Step R back
4&54) Step L to L side &) Step R next to L 5) Step L to L side
6-76) Cross rock R across L 7) Recover L
8&18) Step L to L side &) Step L next to R 1) Turn 1/4 R stepping R fwd (12:00)

Step, Pivot 1/2, Sweep, Back-Lock-Back, Rock, Recover, Step 1/4 Touch
2-32) Step L fwd 3) Pivot on balls of both feet 1/2 R (weight to L) sweeping R behind L
4&54) Step R behind L &) Lock step L across R 5) Step R back
6-76) Rock L back 7) Recover to R
8&8) Turn 1/4 R stepping L to L side &) Touch R next to L (9:00)

Restart: After 16 counts of Wall 4, Restart dance from beginning.
You will start Wall 4 facing 3:00 and after 16 counts you will be facing 12:00




me August 18, 2013
I just learned this last nite at the club. Love the music. Choreography fits it perfectly.

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