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Baby I'm Sorry
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Mayee Lee, Malaysia (September 2019)
Purest of Pain by Son By Four (CD 3:31)
Intro: Start after 16 counts or start at 0.13 seconds

Section 1 : R Forward, Roll L Hips Twice, ½ Turn L, L Sailor Skate, R Skate, L Skate
1 2&3Step R forward(1), touch L forward & roll hips forward back forward(2&), step L down & roll hip forward(3)
4 5&6½ turn L step R back & sweep L(4)(6.00), sweep L behind R(5), step R on ball beside L(&), skate L to diagonally L(6)
7 – 8Skate R to diagonally R, skate L to diagonally L

Section 2 : R Cross, Recover L, Sway To R L , R Side, 1 ¼ Rolling Vine To L, R Jazz Box
12 &34Cross R over L(1), recover on L(&), step R to R(&), recover on L(3), step & bend R to R(4)
56&¼ turn L step L forward(5), ½ turn L step R back(&), ½ turn L step L forward & sweep R(6)((3.00)
7&8&Cross R over L(7), step L back(&), step R to R(8), cross L over R(&)

Section 3 : R Night Club Step, L Side, 1 ¼ Turn L Rolling Vine, Rock & Rock, L Forward, R Recover Sweep L
12&Step R to R(1), rock L behind R(2), recover on R(&)
34&¼ turn L step L forward(3)(12.00), ½ turn L step R back(4)(6.00), ½ turn L step L forward(7) (12.00)
5&6 78Rock R forward(5), recover on L(&), rock R forward(6), step L forward(7), recover on R sweep L(8)(start ¼ turn to L)

Section 4 : ¼ Turn L Sailor Side, Cross R, L Back, R Side, L Forward, R Forward, L Anchor Back
1&2¼ turn L step L behind R(1)(9.00), step R on ball beside L(&), step L to L(2)(9.00),
3&4Cross R over L(3), step L back(&), step R to R(4)
56 7&8Step L forward(5), step R forward(6), step L back(7), step R on ball in front of L(&), step L back(8)

Section 5 : ½ Turn R, ¼ Turn R, Behind Side Cross, L Side, Recover R, Behind Side Cross
12 3&41/2 turn R step R forward(1)(3.00),1/4 turn R step L to L(2)(6.00), step R behind(3), step L to L(&), cross R over L(4)(6.00)
56 7&8Step L to L(5), recover on R(6), step L behind R(7), step R to R(&), cross L over R(8)

Section 6 : R Side, Touch L, Sweep L, Step On L, Cross R, Recover L, R Side, Recover L
1 – 4Step R to R(1), touch L beside R(2), sweep L from R to L(3), step L down(4)
5 – 8Cross R over L(5), recover on L(6), sway to R(7), sway to L drag R to L(8)(6.00)

Restart : During wall 3 (12.00), dance 32 counts, ¼ turn L & restart the dance facing 6.00

Ending : Wall 6 (6.00), dance 12 counts., do L rolling vine instead of 1 ¼ L rolling vine, R Jazz Box

Contact : mayeeleeyy@gmail.com

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