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Baby Kisses

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Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) & Tony Vassell (UK) - January 2014
My Baby's Kiss - The Jenkins : (CD Single - iTunes)
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16 Count intro

Charleston Steps. Right Shuffle Forward. Left Mambo Forward.
1Swing/Sweep Right out and around touching Right toe forward.
2Swing/Sweep Right out and around stepping back on Right.
3Swing/Sweep Left out and around touching Left toe back.
4Swing/Sweep Left out and around stepping forward on Left.
5&6Right shuffle forward stepping Right. Left. Right.
7&8Rock forward on Left. Rock back on Right. Step back on Left.

2 x Walks Back. Back Rock & Side Step Right. Back Rock & Side Step Left. Behind & Cross.
1 – 2Walk back on Right. Walk back on Left.
3&4Rock back Right behind Left. Rock forward on Left. Step Right to Right side.
5&6Rock back Left behind Right. Rock forward on Right. Step Left to Left side.
7&8Cross Right behind Left. Step Left to Left side. Cross step Right over Left.

Toe Touches Out-In-Out. Behind & Cross. Chasse 1/4 Turn Right. Step. Pivot 1/2 Turn Right. Step.
1&2Touch Left toe out to Left side. Touch Left toe beside Right. Touch Left toe out to Left side.
3&4Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right side. Cross step Left over Right.
5&6Step Right to Right side. Close Left beside Right. Make 1/4 turn Right stepping forward on Right.
7&8Step forward on Left. Pivot 1/2 turn Right. Step forward on Left. (Facing 9 o’clock)

Right Toe-Heel-Stomp. Left Toe-Heel-Stomp. Right Mambo Forward. Left Coaster Step.
1&Touch Right toe beside Left (Right knee turned in). Dig Right heel beside Left.
2Stomp forward on Right.
3&Touch Left toe beside Right (Left knee turned in). Dig Left heel beside Right.
4Stomp forward on Left.
5&6Rock forward on Right. Rock back on Left. Step back on Right.
7&8Step back on Left. Step Right beside Left. Step forward on Left.

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