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Baby Likes to Rock It (Eng)

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Beginner / Improver
Hillbilly Rick
Baby Likes to Rock it by The Tractors
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Swivel Heels and Bump Hips
1-2 Swivel heels to right and bump hips to right, Bump hips right
3-4 Swivel heels to left and bump hips to left, bump hips left

Swivel Heels and Twist Down then Up
5-6 Swivel heels to right and ten left as you bend knees and twist down
7-8 Swivel heels to right and then left as you twist back up

Four Steps back with Claps
9-10 Step back on right turning slightly to right, Clap
11-12 Step back on left turning slightly to left, Clap
13-16 Repeat counts 9-12

Two Shuffles Forward, Step Pivot, Then Repeat
17&18 Shuffle forward right-left-right
19&20 Shuffle forward left-right-left
21-22 Step forward on right, pivot 1/2 turn left
23-28 Repeat counts 17-22

Two Jazz boxes
29-30 Step right across front of left, Step back on left
31-32 Step to right on right, Stomp Left next to right
33-36 Repeat counts 29-32

Vine right and Scuff, Vine Left with 1/2 turn, Scuff
37-38 Step right to right side, Cross left behind right
39-40 Step right to right side, Scuff Left forward,
41-42 Step left to left side, cross right behind left
43-44 Step left to left side making 1/2 turn left, Scuff right forward

Vine Right And Stomp
45-46 Step right to right side, Cross left behind right
47-48 Step right to right side, Stomp Left next to right

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Helen Bang December 8, 2017
Great to Santa Claus is coming in a boogie woogie choo choo train by The Tractors for Christmas.

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