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Baby Tonight
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Bastiaan van Leeuwen ( 01 Feb, 2017 )
Tonight Baby Tonight by Bouke
Music Available on iTunes
Intro: 16 counts

S1: Crossing toe strut R, side toe strut L, sailor step R, hold
1-4Touch R toes over L, drop R heel, touch L toes to left side, drop L heel,
5-8Cross RF behind LF, step LF next to RF, step RF slightly to right side, hold,

S2: Crossing toe strut L, side toe strut R, sailor step L, step together,
1-4Touch L toes over RF, drop L heel, touch R toes to right side, drop R heel,
5-8Cross LF behind RF, step RF next to LF, step LF to left side, step RF next to LF,

S3: Heel & toes swivels L, kick R diagonal, side step, cross step, side step, kick L diagonal,
1-4Swivel heels to left, swivel toes to left, swivel heels to left, kick RF diagonal right forward,
(bend down your knees on couns 1-3 & straighten your legs on count 4 when doing the kick R diagonal)
5-8Step RF to right side, cross LF over RF, step RF to right side, kick LF diagonal left forward,

S4: Sailor step ¼ turn L, hold, run forward, scuff L,
1-4Cross LF behind RF turning ¼ turn left, (03:00), step RF next to LF, step LF slightly to left side, hold,
5-8Run forward with small steps on RF- LF- RF, scuff LF,

S5: Rock L forward, recover R, step together, hold, slow coaster step, ¼ turn L,
1-4Rock LF forward, recover onto RF, step LF next to RF, hold,
5-8Step RF back, step LF next to RF, step RF forward, turn ¼ turn left (06:00)
Restart here during 7th wall facing 06:00.

S6: Cross step, traveling toe-heel swivels, cross step, side touch, ¼ turn R step together, scuff L,
1-2Cross RF over LF, swivel R heel to left side touching L toes next to RF,
3-4Swivel R toes to left side touching L heel next to RF, swivel R heel to left side touching L toes next to RF,
5-7Cross LF over RF, touch R toes to right side, turn ¼ turn right on LF stepping RF next to LF (03:00)
8Scuff LF

S7: Step L forward, heel swivel L & back, hitch L, slow coaster step, hold,
1-4Step LF forward (weight on both feet), swivel heels to left bending your knees, swivel back, straighten your legs hitching L knee,
5-8Step LF back, step RF next to LF, step LF forward, hold,

S8: Step lock step R forward, scuff L ¼ turn L, step lock step L forward, scuff R.
1-4Step RF forward, lock LF behind RF, step RF forward, ¼ turn on RF scuffing LF (06:00)
5-8Step LF forward, lock RF behind LF, step LF forward, scuff RF.

Watch the video on this page
http://www.bastiaanvanleeuwen.com http://video.bastiaanvanleeuwen.com/#!home

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