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Absolute Beginner
Ron Bloye (UK) - April 2017
Champagne Promise - David Nail : (Album: Fighter)
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Count in: 32 beats from main beat.

Section 1: Right Side Touch, Left Side Touch – Grapevine to Right.
1 - 2Step Right to Right Side, Touch Left Next to Right
3 - 4Step Left to Left Side, Touch Right next to Left
5 - 6Step Right to Right Side, Step Left behind Right,
7 - 8Step Right to Right side, Touch Left next to right

Section 2: Left side Touch, Right side Touch – Grapevine to Left.
1 - 2Step Left to Left side, Touch Right next to Left
3 - 4Step Right to Right Side, Touch Left next to Right
5 - 6Step Left to Left Side, Step Right behind Left,
7 - 8Step Left to Left side, Touch Right next to Left

Section 3: Walk Back Point, Walk Fwd Scuff.
1 – 4Walk Back R.L.R. Point Left. (to Left Side)
5 – 8Walk Forward L.R.L Scuff Right.(into your Jazzbox)

Section 4: Jazzbox and Jazzbox ¼ turn Rt.
1 - 2Step Right Over Left, Step back Left,
3 - 4Step Right to Right Side, Step Left next to Right.
5 - 6Step Right over Left, Step back on Left
7 - 8Step Right 1/4 turn to Right side step Left next to Right

The dance can be used as a floor-split to Tina Argyle’s lovely dance “Champagne Promise”,

Also Music “Pink Champagne”by Nick Lopez. Floor Splits to the 2 dances below:-
“Pink Champagne” by Rachael McEnaney White (UK/ USA) 64 Counts, or “Pink Champagne” by Daniel Trepat (NL) & Roy Verdonk (NL) 32 Counts,

At the end of wall 8 in “Pink Champagne” add this 8 count tag:-
1 - 4Walk forward R.L.R. Point.
5 - 8Walk Back L.R.L. Touch - and Restart dance again. Hope you Enjoy both dances!!!!

Absolute Beg dancers will realise they can dance alongside their classmates in a Floor Split aand realise a dance can be done to different pieces of music, as long as it fits the beat!!!
Tag is at 12.00 2nd time round (end of wall 8) – hence still an Absolute Beg dance.


Last Update – 10th May 2017


Sandue April 18, 2017
I like the dance, but a video showing the dance is always a "good thing". When I'm looking for a dance to teach, I usually pick the ones that have a video. Made an exception to this because I really liked your AB dance "Are You Missing Me". Thanks

Janny von den Liners May 12, 2018
Ahhh, a great AB 'goes with everything that you can count to 8' - dance!

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