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Baby's In Love

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High Intermediate
Lam Lam (HK-China) June 2015
Baby's In Love by Jamie Foxx ft. Kid Ink (3:31mins, iTunes)
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Intro: 36 counts (about 20 secs)

(1-8) Weave, Side Rock Back, Back, 1/2L, Pivot 1/2L Touch
1&2Cross R over L(1), Step L to side(&), Step R behind L(2)
3&4Rock L to side(3), Recover on R(&), Step L behind R sweeping Rf from Front to back(4)
5 6 7&8Step R back(5), 1/2L Step L fwd(6), Step R fwd(7), Pivot 1/2L(&), Touch R Beside L(8) 12:00

(9-16) Out/Out, Ball Cross unwind 1/2L, Touch Tog, Lock Step fwd R/L & Touch
&1&2Step R to side(&), Lf touch Left(1), Step L next to R(&), Cross R over L(2)
3 4Unwind 1/2 turn left weight on Lf (3), Touch Rf next to Lf(4)
5&6Step Rf diagonal fwd R(5), Lock Lf behind R(&), Step R next to L(6)
7&8&Step Lf diagonal fwd L(&), Lock Rf behind L(7), Step L next to R(&), Rf Touch beside L(8)6:00

(17-24) Walk R,L, Rocking Chair, Step 1/2R, Shuffle 1/2R
1 2Rf Walk fwd to Right diagonal(1), Lf walk fwd (2) 7:30
3&4&Rock fwd on R(3), Recover on L(&), Rock back on R(4), Recover weight fwd on L (&)
5 6 7&8Step R fwd(5), 1/2R Step L back(6), 1/2R Step R fwd(7), Step L next to R(&), Step R fwd(8) 7:30

(25-32) Weave R With Heel Grinds, Cross Back, Shuffle L
1&2&(1/8 Turn L, Square to 6:00) Grind L heel over R(1), Rf step side(&), Cross L behind R(2), Rf step side(&)
3&4&Grind L heel over R(1), Rf step side(&), Cross L behind R(2), Rf step side(&)
5 6 7&8Cross L over R(5), Step R back(6), Step L to side(7), R step together(&) Step L to side(8) 6:00
(Restart here on Wall 5)

(33-40) 1/4L Behind 1/4R, 1/4R Behind 1/4L, Pivot 1/2L Fwd, Run LRL
1&21/4L Step R to side(1), Cross L behind R(&), 1/4R Step R fwd(2)
3&41/4R Step L to side(3), Cross R behind L(&), 1/4L Step L fwd(4) 6:00
5&6Step R fwd(5), Pivot 1/2L(&), Step R fwd(6)
7&8Small steps running fwd LRL (7&8) 12:00

(41-48) Grapevine 1/4R, Pivot 3/4R, Behind 1/4L, Pivot 1/2L
1 2&3Step R to side(1), Cross L behind R(2), 1/4R step R fwd(&), Step L fwd(3)
4&5Pivot 1/2R(4), 1/4R Step L to side(&), Cross R behind L(5)
6 7 81/4L step L fwd(6), Step R fwd(7), Pivot 1/2L(8) 3:00

(49-56) Fwd Rock ball Step Swivel ball Step 1/2R, Sailor 1/2R
1 2&Rock fwd on R(1), Recover on L(2), R Step together(&)
3&4&Step L fwd(3), Swivel heels to left(&), Bring heels back to centre (weight on Rf) (4), L Step together(&)
5 6 7&8Step R fwd(5), 1/2R Step L back sweeping Rf from front to back(6) Step R behind L(7), 1/2R Step L on ball (&), Step R fwd (8) 3:00

(57-64) Fwd Rock, Back Lock Step, Walk Back on RL, Back Rock
1 2 3&4Rock fwd on L(1), Recover on R(2), Step L back(3), Lock R over L(&), Step L back(4)
5 6 7 8Step R back sweeping Lf backwards (5), Step L back sweeping Rf backwards (6), Rock back on R(7), Recover on L(8) 3:00

Tag: 4 counts Tag to be added at the end of Wall 2 & 4, facing 6:00 & 12:00
1 2&3 4Cross R over L(1), Step L back(2), Step R to side(&), Cross L over R(3) Hitch R knee(4)

Restart: On Wall 5, Restart the dance after 32 counts facing 6:00

Ending: Dance till the end of Wall 6, then make a 1/4 turn R, cross R over L.

( 05:38:50)


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