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Back at Mamas

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Andrew Palmer (UK), Sheila Palmer (UK) & Tina Argyle (UK) - May 2016
"Meanwhile Back at Mama's" by Tim McGraw. Album: Sundown Heaven Town.
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Intro: 32 counts.

“Choreographed for the Costa Brava Line Dance Festival (Palafrugell) 2016”

#1: Full Circle Turn L – Walk L. Scuff R. Walk R. Scuff L. Shuffle L. Walk R. Scuff L. Walk L .Scuff R. Shuffle R.
1&2&Walk Left, scuff Right, walk Right, scuff Left completing a 1/4 turn left (9:00).
3&4Shuffle 1/4 turn Left (6:00) L-R-L.
5&6&Walk Right, scuff Left, walk Left, scuff Right completing a 1/4 turn Left (3:00).
7&8Shuffle 1/4 turn Left (12:00) R-L-R.

#2: Step-Pivot-Step R. Step-Pivot-Step L. Heel L. Step. Heel R. Step. Walk L. Walk R.
1&2Step forward Left, pivot 1/2 turn Right (6:00), step forward Left.
3&4Step forward Right, pivot 1/2 Left (12:00), step forward Right.
5&Dig Left heel forward, step in place beside Right.
6&Dig Right heel forward, step in place beside Left.
7-8Walk forward Left, walk forward Right.

*** Tag #1: during wall 3 (6:00) then Restart the dance.
1-2&Rock forward Left, recover, step ball of Left in place beside Right.
3-4Step Right to Right side, touch Left beside Right

#3: Mambo Forward L. Step sweep back (x3). R Coaster Step. Full Turn Forward R over 2 Counts.
1&2Mambo forward Left – on the recover step back Left sweeping Right clockwise.
3Step back Right while sweeping Left Anti-clockwise.
4Step back Left while sweeping Right clockwise.
5&6Right Coaster Step
7-8Full turn Right – step back on Left (6:00), step forward on Right (12:00).

#4: L Diagonal Rock. Recover. L Coaster Step. Step-Pivot 1/2 L. Full Triple-Turn L.
1-2Rock forward Left to Left diagonal (10:30), recover.
3&4Left Coaster Step.
5-6Step forward on Right to the Left diagonal (10:30), pivot 1/2 turn Left (4:30).
7&8Full Triple-Turn L – RLR (or easier option shuffle forward on Right).

#5: L Diagonal Rock. Recover. Behind Side Cross. Rock R. Recover 1/4 L. R shuffle.
1-2Rock forward Left to Left diagonal (4:30), recover.
3&4Cross Left behind Right, step Right to Right side, cross Left over Right (6:00).
5-6Rock Right to side, recover turning 1/4 turn Left (3:00).
7&8Shuffle forward Right.

#6: Cross. Back. Chasse’ L. Cross. Back. Slide R. Touch L.
1-2Cross Left over Right, step back on Right.
3&4Chasse’ Left.
5-6Cross Right over Left, step back on Left.
7-8Step Right to Right side, touch Left beside Right.

*** Tag #2 during wall 5 (12:00) then Restart the dance.
1-4Sway Left, sway Right, sway Left, and sway Right.

Last Update - 7th June 2016


robbiefr June 2, 2016
Hi Tina are you doing a video for this dance lovely song steps look good regards Rob

TLA June 7, 2016
Hi Rob - A&S have done one but having issue with it playing which may be down to the track - they're going to try a shorter version - I'm going to try one at the weekend so hopefully we will get one out there soon. Pleased you're liking the dance and track, thanks for viewing it x

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