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Back In Your Heart

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Christopher Gonzalez (USA) - September 2018
Oh Baby - Seizo
Swamp Dancin' - Cowboy Troy
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Notes Love and hugs to: Jo Thompson Szymanski for helping me work out four especially tricky counts while she was on the road teaching at an event, Megan Barsuglia for helping me with eight other counts in a parking lot a few minutes before we started our lessons, and Liya Levanda for helping me work out kinks and record an early draft.
This dance belongs in part to each of you -- thank you!

32-count intro

[1-8] R Out, L Out, R Coaster Step (or “Veester Step” for “V-Step + Coaster Step”), L Step, R Lock, L Lock Step 12:00
1, 2Step R out toward R diagonal (1), step L out toward L diagonal (2) 12:00
3&4Step R back (3), close L together (&), step R forward (4) 12:00
5, 6Step L forward (5), lock R behind L (6) 12:00
7&8Step L forward (7), lock R behind L (&), step L forward (8) 12:00

[9-16] 1/4 R Jazz Turn, R Side Rock, L Recover, R Behind-Side-Cross 3:00
1, 2Turn 1/8 R and cross R over L (1), step L back (2) 1:30
3, 4Turn 1/8 R and step R to side (3), step L across R (4) 3:00
5, 6Rock R to side (5), recover L (6) 3:00
7&8Step R behind L (7), step L to side (&), step R across L (8) 3:00

[17-24] L Side Rock, R Recover, L Behind-Side-Fwd Step, R Fwd Rock, L Recover, R Back Triple 3:00
1, 2Rock L to side (1), recover R (2) 3:00
3&4Step L behind R (3), step R to side (&), step L forward (4) 3:00
5, 6Rock R forward (5), recover L (6) 3:00
7&8Step R back (7), close L together (&), step R back (8) 3:00

[25-32] L Back Rock, R Recover, L Fwd Triple, R Kick, R Back, 1/4 R Turn (w/ Look Back), 1/4 L Turn 3:00
1, 2Rock L back (1), recover R (2) 3:00
3&4Step L forward (3), close R together (&), step L forward (4) 3:00
5, 6Kick R forward (5), step R back (6) 3:00
7, 8Turn and open body 1/4 R w/ weight R (7), turn 1/4 L and recover weight L (8) 3:00

* Styling!
*31 Consider these possibilities when the lyrics say...
(second) look: add arm movements indicating a “look,” such as shading the eyes with one hand or making hand binoculars
(in his) arms: extend arms down and out to sides, hug self, flex like a bodybuilder, shrug like a T-Rex... get creative with it!

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Sandue October 20, 2019
Fun dance - thanks (see you in December here in The Villages Florida)

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