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Back it Up, Now!

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Pim van Grootel (NL) & Bella Scholtzé - June 2015
Back It Up (feat. Pitbull) - Prince Royce
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Starts after: After 32 Counts

S1: Basic Samba Steps, R, L, Shuffle Fwd, Diagonal R, Kick, Cross Shuffle Back, Kick
1RF Step to right side
&LF Rock back
2RF Recover weight
3LF Step to left side
&RF Rock back
4LF Recover weight
5RF Step side, Diagonal right forward - (10.30)
&LF Step next to RF
6RF Step side, Diagonal right forward - (10,30)
&LF Kick to left side
7LF Step side, Diagonal left backwards (10.30)
&RF Cross over LF
8LF Step side, Diagonal left backwards (10.30)
&RF Kick to right side, (Body rotate to 12.00)
 (Note: Count 5 up to 8& is done in the diagonals from 1.30 – 7.30, Body is Facing 10.30)

S2: Sailor Step R, L, Cross Behind, Shuffle L, Rock R, Recover Weight
1RF Cross behind LF (12.00)
&LF Step to left side
2RF Small step to right side
&LF Cross behind RF
3RF Step to right side
&LF Small step to left side
4RF Cross behind LF
5LF Step to left side
&RF Step next to LF
6LF Step to left side
7RF Rock to right side
8LF Recover weight

S3: Step Fwd 1/8 Turn L, ½ Turn L, Cross Shuffle ½ Turn L, Full Turn L, Coaster Step, Flick
1RF Step diagonal left forward (10.30)
2LF ½ Turn left, stepping forward (4.30)
3RF ¼ Turn left, stepping to right side (3.00)
&LF Cross over RF
4RF ¼ Turn left, stepping backwards (10.30)
5LF ½ Turn left, stepping forward (4.30)
6RF ½ Turn left, stepping backwards (10.30)
7LF Step backwards
&RF Step next to LF
8LF Step forward
&RF Flick backwards

S4: Rocking Chair, Cross Rock Step, Cross Rock Step, Cross Over, ¼ Turn R
1RF Rock forward (10.30)
&LF Recover weight
2RF Rock backwards
&LF Recover weight
3RF 1/8 Turn right, crossing over LF (12.00)
&LF Rock to left side
4RF Recover weight
5LF Cross over RF
&RF Rock to right side
6LF Recover weight
7RF Cross over LF
8LF ¼ Turn right, Stepping backwards (3.00)

S5: 3/8 Turn R, Lock Shuffle Right, ½ Turn R, Lock Shuffle L, ½ Turn R, Lock Shuffle R, Step Fwd ½ Turn R
1RF 3/8 Turn right, stepping forward (7,30)
&LF Lock behind RF
2RF step forward
3LF ½ Turn right, Stepping backwards (1.30)
&RF Cross over LF
4LF Step backwards
5RF ½ Turn right, stepping forward (7.30)
&LF Lock behind RF
6RF Step forward
7LF Step forward
8RF ½ Turn right, stepping forward (1.30)

S6: Walk L, R, Step fwd, Lock Step, Shuffle R, Step Fwd 5/8 Turn L
1LF Step forward (1.30)
2RF Step forward
&LF Step forward - (Go a little on the toes)
3RF Lock behind LF
&LF Small step forward
4RF Step forward
5LF Step forward
&RF Step next to LF
6LF Step forward
7RF Step forward
8LF 5/8 Turn Left, stepping forward (6.00)

RESTART: In wall 2 after 32, counts, Add a ¼ Turn Right, to start the dance again on count 1.

TAG: After Wall 5 doing the following steps:
Right & Left Arm Up in the Air
1-4Right arm up in the air
5-8Left arm up in the air

Hips, R, L, R, L
1-2Hips to the right
3-4Hips to the left
5-6Hips to the right
7-8Hips to the left (weight ends on LF)
- While doing the hips you bring the arms down)

1RF Step forward
2LF Step forward
3RF Step forward
4LF ½ Turn left, stepping forward.

After doing the tag, you will only be dancing the dance 2 more times. Dance the dance onnly up to count 32. (2x)

Enjoy, have fun!!


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