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Back To Life Waltz

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Improver waltz
April Coady (IRE) - September 2018
Back to Life - Rascal Flatts
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S1: Step L to L Side, Rock R Back, Recover L, Step R to R Side, Rock L Back, Recover R., Lunge Fwd L, Holdx2, Step R Back, Step L Fwd Making ½ Turn L, Step R Fwd
123Step L to L side, rock R back, Recover L
456Step R to R side, rock L back, Recover R

123Step L fwd bending L knee, Hold for 2 counts (Optional - Bring R arm fwd)
456Step R back, step L fwd making ½ turn L, step R fwd

S2 : Step L Fwd, Tap R Beside L Twisting R Hip to Front, Hold, Step R Fwd, Tap L Beside R Twisting L Hip To Front, Hold. Cross L over R, Step R Back, Step L Back, Cross R over L, Step L Back, Step R Back
123Step L fwd, Tap R beside L while twisting R hip to front, Hold
456Step R fwd, Tap L beside R while twisting L hip to front, Hold

123Cross L over R, step R back, step L back
456Cross R over L, step L back, Step R back

S3: Cross L Over R, Hold, Step R To R, L Coaster Step To L Diagonal, Cross R over L, Point L to L Side, Hold, Basic Step L Fwd Making ¼ Turn L
123Cross L over R, Hold, Step R to R side
456Facing L diagonal Step L back, Step R beside L, Step L Fwd to L diagonal

123Cross R over L , Point L to L side, Hold
456Step L fwd making ¼ turn L, Step R in place, Step L in Place

S4: R Coaster Cross, Point L To L, Touch L To R, Sweep L To L And Back , L Sailor Cross Making ½ Turn L, Big Step R To R, Drag L to R
123Step R back, Step L back, Step R over L,
456Point L to L, Touch L To R, Sweep L to L and back

123Making a ½ turn L Step L behind R, Step R in place, Cross L over R
456Big step R to R, Drag L to R

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PureHero's dance studio October 3, 2018
Another brilliant dance, love it !!

ROSIE October 6, 2018
beautiful waltz April x

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