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Backwoods Boatin' (P)

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Intermediate - Partner Flow dance
Kenny Gwartney (USA) & Debbie Gwartney (USA) - July 2012
Pontoon - Little Big Town
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Starting position: Side by Side, facing forward line of dance, Both On Same Footwork

Walk, Walk, Lock Step, Walk, Walk, Lock Step
1,2, 3&4Walk R, L, Right lock step
5,6, 7&8Walk L, R, Left lock step

Rock, Recover, Coaster Step, Step, Step, Coaster Step
1,2, 3&4Rock forward R, recover back on R, Right coaster step
5,6Ladies: Step L, R behind, crossing in front of man (switching sides)
5,6Man: Step L behind R, Step R to side, crossing behind lady (switching sides)
7&8Left coaster step

Step Turn, Right Promenade, 1/2 turn, Left Promenade
1,2, 3&4Step R, turn ½ turn to L, stepping on L, forward Right promenade
5,6, 7&8Ladies: Drop L hands, step L, R, ¼ turn Right with each step, going behind man, and ending in Right side by side position, L promenade forward
5,6, 7&8Men: Drop L hands, step L, R, turning ¼ turn L, with each step, L promenade forward (You are basically going to turn and watch the lady cross in front of you, ending in forward line of dance)

Step Turn, ½ Shuffle Turn, Rock, Recover, ¼ Shuffle Turn
1,2, 3&4Pick Up Left hands, drop Right hands, Step forward on R, do ½ pivot turn to the L, stepping on L,R shuffle with ½ shuffle turn to L (completing a full turn)
5,6, 7&8Rock back on L, recover forward on R, L Promenade with ¼ turn to R, facing outside line of dance

Step, Step, Cross shuffle, Step Slide, ¼ Shuffle Turn
1,2, 3&4Step R behind L, Step L to L, cross shuffle, R over L
5,6, 7&8Step Big step to L, with L, Slide R beside L, stepping down on R, L promenade, with ¼ turn to L to face forward line of dance

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Contact: Kenny & Debbie Gwartney - (217)285-4009 -


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