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Bad Guy

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High Improver
Wil Bos (NL) & Regina Cheung (CAN) - August 2020
bad guy - Billie Eilish
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Info: Intro 32 counts

Note: music length 2:33 (We cut out the end of the music
: email us for the short version)

Stomp R, Kick Ball Cross L, Hold, ½ Turn R, Cross Shuffle
1RF. Stomp beside LF
2&3LF. Kick fwd - LF. Step on ball – RF. Cross over LF
5-6LF. Step back ¼ turn right - RF. ¼ R step to right side
7&8LF. Cross over RF- RF. Step to R side - LF. Cross over RF (6.00)

Syncopated Rocksteps R & L, Sailorstep L, ¼ Modified Sailorstep R
1-2&RF. Step to right side - LF. Recover – RF. Close beside LF
3-4LF. Step to left side - RF. Recover
5&6LF. Cross behind RF - RF. Step to R - LF. Step to L
7&8RF. ¼ right cross behind LF - LF. Step to L - RF. Step fwd (9.00)

Out, Out, In, In, Step Back & Raise Knee, Step Back & Raise Knee
1-4LF. Step out – RF. Step out - LF. Step in – RF. Step in
5-6LF. Raise your left knee up from front to back and on the same time roll your L shoulder from front to back - LF. Step back
7-8RF. Raise your right knee up from front to back and on the same time roll your R shoulder from front to back - RF. Step back
(make a funky attitude) (9.00)

Rockstep L, Shuffle ½ Turn R, ¼ Step R, Touch, Chasse ¼ L Fwd
1-2LF. Step back – RF. Recover
3&4LF. ¼ Turn R step to L - RF. Close beside LF – RF. ¼ turn R step back
5-6RF. ¼ R step to right side - LF. Touch beside RF
7&8LF. Step to L - RF. Close beside LF - LF. Step fwd ¼ turn left (3:00)

Start Again with Smileeeeee 😊

Tag end of wall 3 & 7
K- Steps (8 Counts)
1-2RF. Step diagonal fwd - LF. Touch beside RF
3-4LF. Step diagonal back - RF. Touch beside LF
5-6RF. Step diagonal back - LF. Touch beside RF
7-8LF, Step diagonal fwd – RF, Touch beside LF

Wil Bos - – Netherlands
Regina Cheung – – Canada


Pony Chen September 17, 2020

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