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1-2Stomp right foot forward; clap
&3Small step forward (to right heel) with left foot (&); step right foot forward
5-8Two hip circles, to the left
1Step backward on right foot
2Turning ½ to left on right foot, step forward on left foot
3-4Step forward right; pivot ½ to left (to face original wall)
&5Jump forward to land right, extending right arm straight forward (&), then left, extending left arm straight forward (5)
7Lift left knee across body (angling to right), while pulling both hands down to left hip
&8Extending left leg to left side, ball change left-right
1&2Left sailor shuffle
3&4Right kick ball change, kicking diagonally left across body
5-6Turning right knee inward, tough right toe at left instep; turning right knee outward, touch right heel at left instep
7Step right across left
&8Small step left with left foot (&); step right across left (8) - like a traveling ball change
&1Small step left with left foot (&); extend right heel forward, angled to right (1)
2Clap hands, arms straight and over extended right heel
3Push right hip forward, while pulling clasped hands toward hip
4Return right hip to center, while pushing hands forward
5-8Right grapevine, extending left heel forward on final count

&1&2Jump to put weight on left foot (&); step right across left (1); jump to take small step left on left foot (&); extend right heel forward (2)
&3Jump to take small step to right on right foot (&); step left across right (3)
4Unwind ½ turn to right, ending with feet hip distance apart
Keeping feet hip distance apart..
5Bump hips to left while holding left hand across eyes
6Bump hips to right while holding right hand across mouth
7Bump hips to left while holding right hand over left ear and left hand over right ear
8Bump hips to right while holding hands (crossed) over fly
&Small jump to put weight on left foot to ..



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