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Ball & Chain

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Michelle Risley (UK) - March 2014
Ball & Chain – Connie Britton & Will Chase (Soundtrack 'Music of Nashville')
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Walk, Walk, Kick Ball Step, Walk, Walk, Kick Ball Step
1-2Walk fwd. Right, Left
3&4Kick Right fwd. step Right beside Left, step fwd Left
5-6Walk fwd. Right, Left
7&8Kick Right fwd. step Right beside Left, step fwd Left

Rock Step, ½ Shuffle, Full Turn, ¼ Pivot
1 2Rock right foot forward, recover weight to left (12.00)
3&4Make ½ turn right stepping forward on right, step left next to right, step forward on right (6.00)
5-6Make 1/2 turn Right stepping back on Left. Make 1/2 turn Right stepping forward on Right.
7-8Step Forward Left, ¼ pivot turn to Right (9oc)
Alternative: count 5-6 Walk Forward, Right, Left

Cross, Side , Behind & Heel & Cross, Side , Behind & Heel
1-2Cross Left over Right Step R foot to R side ,
3&4cross L foot behind R foot, Step R foot in place , dig L heel to L diagonal,
& 56step L foot in place , cross R foot over left foot, Step L foot to L side ,
7&8Step R foot behind L, Step L in place, step L foot to L side, dig R to R diagonal

& Cross, ½ Monterey, Brush, Shuffle, ¾ Pivot
&1Step R to Place, Cross Left over right
2-4Point Right to Right Side, ½ Right bring Right to place, Brush Left beside right
5&6Left Shuffle Forward (3oc)
7-8Step Right forward, pivot ¾ turn over left shoulder (weight on left) (6oc)

Side, Hold, Hinge ½, Hold, Hinge ½, Hold, Hinge ½ , Hold
1-2Step right foot to right side, Hold (click fingers at waist) (6oc)
3-4Hinge ½ turn to the right on ball of right, stepping left foot to left side, Hold (Click Up) (12oc)
5-6Hinge ½ turn to the left on ball of right foot stepping left foot to left side, Hold (Click Down) (6oc)
7-8Hinge ½ turn to the left on ball of left foot stepping right foot to right side, Hold (Click Up) (12oc)

Left Sailor, Right Sailor, Toe Unwind 3/4 , Kick & Touch
1&2Cross left behind right, step right to side, step left to side
3&4Cross right behind left, step left to side, step right to side
5-6Cross left behind right, unwind a ¾ turn (weight on left) (3oc)*
7&8Kick Right Forward, step back on Right, Tap the Left across Right
* Tag/Restart 2nd wall – replace count 6 with 1/2 Turn to Front Wall, 7&8 Kick Right, Jump Back Restart dance facing Front Wall

2 Dorothy Steps, Pivot 1/2 , Hook, Lock Step
1-2&Step Left Diagonally forward , Lock Right behind Left. Step Left Diagonally forward Left.
3-4&Step Right Diagonally forward, Lock Left behind Right. Step Right Diagonally forward Right.
5-6Step forward Left, making ½ turn right, (Keep Weight on Left) Hook Right infront of Left
7&8Right Lock Step Forward (9oc)

Full Turn, Cross Rock, Side Rock, Cross, 1/4 Turn, Side
1-2Turn 1/2 Turn Right, Stepping Back on Left, Turn 1/2 Right, Stepping Forward on Right (9oc)
3-4Cross Rock Left Over Right, Recover on Right
5-6Side Rock Left to Left Side, Recover on Right
7&8Cross Left over Right, Make 1/4 Left Stepping back on Right, Step Left to Side (6oc)

Start Again

*Tag / Restart: 2nd Wall, End of 6th section, replace count 5-6, 7&8 (Unwind 3/4, Kick & Touch) with:-
5-6Unwind 1/2 turn to the Front Wall
7&8Kick Right Forward, Little Jump Back, Right-Left (Kick Out-Out),
Restart from beginning facing (12oc)

To Finish with Music - replace count 16 (1/4 turn) with a ½ turn to the FRONT & Step Forward



Dream team April 28, 2014
This is one of the best so far. Keep up the good work

honeykin May 12, 2014
Love this dance,it fits the music perfectly. Now I'm torn between this one, play on and Smile as my favourite !

stormy May 19, 2014
great dance ,i love it ! steps fit the dance spot on ,and so enjoyable to dance , hope it does well for you

ROSIE June 11, 2014
love it,a defo teach.

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