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Easy Intermediate
Terri Alexander & Sandi Larkins - April 2010
Por Esa Mujer - Chayanne : (Album: No Hay Imposibles)
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Intro: 24 counts

(1-8) R Kick Ball Rock Step, L Kick Ball Rock Step, Rocking Chair, R Step Lock Step
1&2& Kick R forward, Step R beside L, Rock L to L side, recover weight to R
3&4& Kick L forward, Step L beside R, Rock R to R side, recover weight to L
5&6& Rock R forward, recover weight to L, Rock R back, recover weight to L
7&8 Step R forward, Step L behind R, Step R forward (12 o’clock)
(Easier alternate for counts 5&6&: ct. 5 touch R toe forward, c.t 6 touch R toe back)

(9-16) Rock Recover ½ turn Step, Step, ½ Turn, R Coaster, ¼ Turn Cross Shuffle
1&2 Rock forward L, recover weight R, turn ½ L stepping L forward
3-4 Step R forward, pivot ½ to L stepping L back
5&6 Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R forward
7&8 Turning ¼ L - L Cross shuffle (9 o’clock)
(Easier alternate for counts 1-4:ct. 1&2Rock Recover step back, ct. 3-4 walk back R, L)
** 2nd tag here**

(17-24) R Cross step, L Cross step, R Chase ½ Turn, Full Turn, Mambo Push
1-2 Step R forward slightly crossing L, Step L forward slightly crossing R
3&4 Step R forward, Pivot ½ left, Step R forward
5-6 Turn ½ R stepping L back, Turn ½ R stepping R forward
7&8 Rock L forward, recover to R, step L beside of R pushing hips back (3 o’clock)
(Easier alternate for counts 5-6: Walk forward L, R)

(25-32) R Hip Bumps, Turn ½ L Hip Bumps, 2X ¼ Pivots with Hip Rolls
1&2 Stepping R forward, bump Hips forward, back, forward
3&4 Pivot ½ L and bump hips forward, back, forward
5-6 Step R forward, pivot ¼ L rolling hips
7-8 Step R forward, pivot ¼ L rolling hips (3 o’clock)

*Tag 1: End of wall 3 - (softer instrumental section) Add those Latin Hips!
1-4 Step R to R, hold, Step L beside R, Step R in place
5-8 Step L to L, hold, Step R beside L, Step L in place
9-12 Step R to R, Step L beside R, Step R to R, Touch L beside R
13-16 Step L to L, Step R beside L, Step L to L, Touch R beside L

**Tag 2: Wall 7 starts on 6 o’clock wall...Dance the first 16 counts (you’ll be on the 3 o’clock wall)
Add 4-count tag: Step R swaying hips R, L, R, L, Continue with counts 17-32

Sequence: 32, 32, 32, 16 count tag, 32, 32, 32, counts 1-16, 4 count tag, counts 17-32, 32 until end

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