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Phrased High Intermediate
Rhoda Lai (CAN) - September 2014
Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj
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Intro: Starts on vocal (2 counts)

Sequence: ABB ABB A A(32) TAG BBBB

Part A: 64 counts (Always facing 12:00)
S1: R Side Touch, L Side Touch, Shoulder Pop RLRL
12step R to the side, touch L next to R
34step L to the side, touch R next to L
5678pop shoulders sideway to R, L, R, L (12:00)

S2: ¼ L Lean Back, Hold, Lean Forward, Hold, Lean Back, Lean Forward, Lean Back, R Flick
12turn ¼ L lean body back transferring weight onto R, hold (Optional - raising R hand lasso)
34lean forward transferring weight onto L , hold (Optional - dropping R hand lasso)
56lean back transferring weight onto R, lean forward transferring weight onto L
(Optional -robotic arms up and down)
78lean back transferring weight onto R, lean forward taking weight onto L while flicking R backward (9:00)

S3: R Kick Step, L Back Rock Recover, L Kick Step, R Glide X2 (Stanky legs)
1234kick R foot forward, step R next to L, rock back L, recover onto R
56kick L foot forward, step L next to R
7&8&(glide R foot back while bending left knee, glide R foot towards centre) x 2 (9:00)

S4: R Jazz Box ¼ R Cross, ¼ L, ½ L, Hop L Twice Turning ¼ L
1234cross R over L, ¼ R step back L, step R to the side, cross L over R
56¼ L stepping back on R, ½ L stepping L fwd
78hop onto L twice while turning ¼ L (12:00)

S5: R Side, Hold, L Back Recover, L Side, Hold, R Back Recover, R Side Hold
12&3step R to the side, hold, rock L backward, recover onto R
45&6step L to the side, hold, rock R backward, recover onto L
78step R to the side, hold (12:00)

S6: L Cross, Hold, R Side-Recover-Cross, Hold, ¼ R, ½ R, ¼ R, Hold
12&34cross L over R, hold, rock R to the side, recover onto L, cross R over L
5&678hold, ¼ R stepping back on L, ½ R stepping R fwd, ¼ R stepping L to the side, hold (12:00)

S7: Travelling Heel Splits R, Travelling Heel Splits L
1234with knee slightly bent and feet apart, bring heels in and apart and slightly move to the R
5678repeat the heel splits but travel to the L with the ending weight on L
(optional: straighten up your body and transfer weight to L while flicking R backward on count 8) (12:00)

S8: Run RLRL, Booty shakes or Shimmy
1234walk around a circle with ¼ L turn each stepping onto RLRL
5678shake booty or shoulder shimmy over 4 counts (12:00)

Part B: 32 counts (2-wall)
S1: R Stomp x2, R Kick-ball-side, Drag R and Shimmy
12stomp R twice to the side
3&4kick R forward, step R beside L, step a big step to L
56drag R towards L
78shimmy over 2 counts (12:00)

S2: Stomp L ¼ R x2, L Kick-ball-side, Drag L and Chest Pop
12(stomp L forward and make ¼ R turn) twice
3&4kick L forward, step L beside R, step a big step to R
56drag L towards R
78chest pop x2 (6:00)

S3: R Hitch, R Side-Rock-Cross, L Side rock, L Forward rock, Hold
12&3R hitch, rock R to the side, recover onto L, cross R over L
45678rock L to the side, recover onto R, rock forward L, recover onto R, hold (6:00)

S4: L Back Rock, L Step Pivot ½ R, ½ R, Body Roll
12rock back L, Recover onto R
345step forward L, pivot ½ R, ½ R stepping L next to R
678body roll from lower body to upper body (6:00)

TAG - Jazz Box
1234cross R over L, step back L, step R to the side, Step L next to R

Ending: Stomp R to the side and raise your right arm up when you hit the last drum.

Hope you enjoy the dance!

Contact - 1(647) 295-3833 -

Last Update – 21st October 2014


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