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Beautiful as Dawn
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Phrased High Improver
Rex Chuan – April 2019
"Beautiful as Dawn" by Jian Li
Level: Phrased High Improver - Count: 68 - Wall: 3
Tag: 1 - Restart: 1

Start: dance starts after 28 counts of introduction, with vocal
Sequence:A,A,B,A(32),A,B,A,tag,B,B, A(skip S1)

Part A: 36 counts
S1: Forward X2 Hitch, Kick
5678RF forward(5), LF forward(6), RF hitch(7), RF kick(8)

S2: Weave, Rock Lunge, Recover, Ball Step Turn
12345RF backward(1), LF L(2), RF cross LF(3), LF L(4), RF cross behind LF(5)
678&LF large step L(6), twist body L and arms open above head(7), recover weight on RF(8), R half turn and LF together(&) (6:00)

S3: Forward, Diagonal Step With Body Pull, Jazz Box With Turn, Ball Stap, Night Club
12345RF forward(1), LF reach out diagonally(2), LF step down(3) (styling guide: before step down, pull body toward LF drastically), RF cross LF(4), R quarter turn and LF backward(5)
6&78&RF d(6), LF cross RF(&), RF R(7), LF together(8), RF cross LF(&) (9:00)

S4: Side, Rock Back, Recover and Turn, Forward, Hitch, Run X2, Rock, Recover, Ball Step Turn
1234LF L(1), RF rock behind LF(2), recover weight on LF(3), R quarter turn and RF forward(4)
56&78&LF hitch(5), LF forward(6), RF forward(&), LF rock forward(7) and arms open from above right arm in front, recover weight on RF(8), LF together(&) and R quarter turn (3:00)

S5: Side, Jazz Step With Turn, Jazz Step With Turn
1234RF R(1), LF cross RF(2), L quarter turn and RF R(3), LF backward(4)
5678RF cross LF(5) and LF sweep forward, LF cross RF(6), L quarter turn and RF R(7), LF backward(8) (9:00)

Part B: 32 counts
S1: Tap, Forward, Tap, Forward, Rock, Recover With Turn, Walk, Walk,
12&34&RF tap forward(1), lower hip(2), move weight on RF(&), LF tap forward(3),lower hip(4), move weight on LF(&)
5678RF rock forward(5), recover(6), R half turn and RF forward(7), LF forward(8) (6:00)

S2: R Samba, L Samba, Step, Pivot Turn, Side, Cross
12&34&RF R(1), LF cross RF(2), RF together(&), LF R(3), RF cross LF(4), LF together(&)
5678R quarter turn and RF forward(5), LF forward(6), R quarter turn swivel and weight shift to RF(7), LF cross RF(8) (12:00)

S3: R Nightclub, L Nightclub, Rock, Recover With Turn, Walk, Walk
12&34&RF R(1), LF together(2), RF cross LF(&), LF L(3), RF together(4), LF cross RF(&)
5678RF rock forward(5), recover(6), R half turn and RF forward(7), LF forward(8) (6:00)

S4: Step, Pivot Turn, Walk, Walk, Side Tap, Body Roll, Pivot Turn
1234RF forward(1), L half turn and weight shift on LF(2), RF forward(3), LF forward(4)
5678Lower hip and RF tap R(5), R shoulder lead body to R(6), continue the motion ends with weight on RF(7), Stand upright and R quarter turn and LF slightly forward(8) (9:00)

Tag (Jazz Box): RF cross LF(1), LF L(2), RF backward(3), LF cross RF(4)

Enjoy the dance!

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