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Beautiful Disaster

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Intermediate NC2S
Jill Babinec & Scott Schrank (USA) - February 2017
Beautiful Disaster - Jon McLaughlin : (Album: Indiana - Single - iTunes or amazon)
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Sequence: 48 - 48 - Tag”A” - 48 - 48 - Tag”A”+Tag”B” - 48 - 48

[1-8] Back, Travel 1/2 with a Sweep, Weave, Sway, Sway, Behind-Side
1-2&3Step back L [12:00], Turn 1/4 left stepping back R [9:00], Turn 1/4 left stepping forward L [6:00], Turn 1/4 left stepping side R and sweep L behind [3:00]
4&5Step L behind R, Step side R, Step L across R
6-7Step side R swaying right, Sway left recovering weight L
8&Step R behind L, Step side L

[9-16] Prep, Reverse Full Turn, Rock-Recover-1/4, Step Turn, Run-Run
1-2&3“Prep” Step R across L (preparing for reverse turn), Turn 1/4 right stepping back L [6:00], Turn 1/2 right stepping forward R [12:00], Turn 1/4 right stepping side L [3:00]
4&5Rock R behind L, Recover onto L, Turn 1/4 right stepping forward R [6:00]
6-7Step forward L, Turn 1/2 right recovering weight forward on R [12:00]
8&Small run steps forward L, R

[17-24] Press, Recover, Back, Run-Run-Touch, Torque, Unwind, Behind, Side
1-2-3“Press” (slight lunge) forward onto ball of L with bent L knee, Recover back onto R, Step back L
4&5Small steps back R, L, Touch R toe slightly back (keep thighs close together)
6-7“Torque” or twist 1/4 right shifting weight to R (thighs still together) [3:00], Unwind/spin 1/2 left on ball of R and release L to sweep behind [9:00]
8&Step L behind R, Step side R

[25-32] Cross, Sway, Sway, Double Sway, R Basic, L Basic
1-2-3Step L across R, Step side R swaying right, Sway left
4&5Sway right, Sway left recovering weight L, Large step side R
6&7Rock L behind R, Step R across L, Large step side L
8&Rock R behind L, Step L across R

[33-40] 1/4 Forward, Step-1/4-Cross, Rock-Recover-Cross, Rocking Chair, 1/2 Chase Turn
1-2&3Turn 1/4 right stepping foward R [12:00], Step foward L, Turn 1/4 right shifting weight to R, Step L across R
4&5Rock side R, Recover weight L, Step R across L to face diagonal [1:00]
6&7&All facing 1:00 diagonal: Rock forward L, Shift weight back R, Rock back L, Shift weight foward R
8&Step foward L, Turn 1/2 right shifting weight to R [7:00]

[41-48] Sweep to Fall Away (Cross-Back-Back, Behind-Step-Step-Step), Walk, Walk, Press
1Step forward L releasing R to sweep across
2-5Counts 42-45 are a “Fall Away” where you gradually rotate 1/4 turn to face 11:00 diagonal:
2&3Step R across L (7:00], Step back L [8:00], Step back R [9:00]
4&5Step L behind R [9:00], Step forward R [10:00], Step forward L [11:00]
6-7Turn 1/4 left and walk foward R [8:00], Turn 1/8 left and walk forward L [squaring to 6:00]
8Press/rock forward on R [6:00] (*note Push off R press to begin dance at top with step back on L at count 1)


Tag A (8cts): Back, Coaster, Full Chase Turn, Coaster, Rock-Recover
1Step back L
2&3R Coaster: Step back R, Step together L, Step forward R
4&5Full Chase Turn: Step forward L, Turn 1/2 stepping back R, Turn 1/2 stepping back L
6&7R Coaster: Step back R, Step together L, Step foward R
8&Rock forward L, Recover weight R

Tag B (4cts): Back, Rock, Recover, Rock
1-2-3-4Step back L, Rock back R, Recover weight L, Rock forward R

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