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Low Intermediate
Melody Lee (TW) - August 2020
Brave - Jennifer Lopez
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S1: Cross, Kick, Cross, Turn1/4 back lock back,Swayx2,Chasse right
1 2 3LF cross over RF(1)Kick RF diagonally (2) RF cross over LF(3)
4&5Turn1/4 right LF step back (4) Step RF lock over LF(&) Step LF back (5)3h
6 7Step RF side (6) Sway to LF(7)
8&1Recover to RF (8) Step LF next to RF (&) Step RF to right(1)

S2: Cross rock, Turn1/4shuffle ,Turn1/4, Rock fwd,Back
2 3Cross LF over RF rock (2) Recover to RF (3)
4&5Step LF to left side (4) Step RF next to LF(&) Turn 1/4 left Step LF fwd (5)12h
6 7Step RF fwd (6) Turn1/4 left weight on LF(7) 9h
8&1Step RF fwd rock (8) Recover to LF(&) Step RF back(1)

S3: Cross,Back,Back, 1/4Turn L Cross Shuffle, Side Rock,Behind-Turn-Fwd
2&3Step LF cross over RF(2) Step RF back (&) Step LF back(3)
4&5Turn1/4 left Cross RF over LF(4) LF step side(&)Cross RF over LF( 5) 6h
6 7Step LF to side rock(6) Recover to RF(7)
8&1Step LF behind RF(8) Turn1/4 right step RF fwd(&) Step LF fwd(1)9h

S4: Cross Sambax2, Cross Shufflex2
2&3Step RF cross LF(2) Rock LF side (&) Recover to RF (3)
4&5Step LF cross RF(4) Rock RF side (&) Recover to LF (5)
6&7Cross RF over LF(6) LF step side(&) Cross RF over LF(7)
8&Cross LF over RF(8) Step RF to right(&)



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