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Been Good Knowing Ya

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High Intermediate
Steve Lescarbeau (USA) - February 2022
Knowing You - Kenny Chesney
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Press, Hold, Recover, Back 1/8, Back 1/8, Point R to R
1-6Rock R forward on R, Hold, Recover on L, step back on R making 1/8 turn L, Step back on L as you make 1/8 turn L, Point R toe to R 9:00

Full Turn R w/sweep, Cross, Back, Back
7-12¼ R on R, ½ R stepping back on L, ¼ R stepping R to R as you sweep L across R, Cross L over R, Step back R, Step back L at slight angle 9:00

½ Diamond Fall Away
13-18Step back on R, Step forward on L 1/8 turn L, Step forward R 1/8 turn L, Step forward L, Step back R 1/8 turn L, Step back L 1/8 turn L. 3:00

Weave L, Side L, Kick R Across L X2
19-24Step R behind L, Step L to L, Step R across L, Step L to L, Kick R across L twice. 3:00.

Side Behind, Ball Cross, Side Drag
25-30Step R to R, Step L behind R, quickly step R to R, Step L across R,Big step on R to R, Drag L to R 2 beats. 3:00

Left Twinkle Forward, ½ Jazz Box R
31-36Cross L in front of R, Step on ball of R, Step L forward, Cross R over L, ¼ R stepping back on L, ¼ R stepping R forward (Turn R toe out prepping for turn) 9:00

Full Turn R (triple), Step R, Lift Left Knee (2 beats)
37-42While traveling forward make ½ R stepping back on L, Continue turning ½ R stepping forward on R, Step on L, Step R forward, Raise L knee for 2 beats. 9:00

Step Back Sweep, Step Back Sweep
43-48Step back on L, Sweep R front to back 2 beats, Step back on R, Sweep L front to back 2. 9:00

Reverse ½ Pivot, Rock Forward, Recover, Rock Forward
49-54Touch L toe behind, make ½ turn to L, Keep weight on R, Rock weight forward on L, Recover on R, Shift weight forward to L. 3:00

R Side Balance Step, L Side Balance Step
55-60Step R to R, Rock L behind R, Recover weight on R, Step L to L, Rock R behind L, Recover weight on L. 3:00

Step R ¼ R, Chase ½ R Prep, ½ Turn, ½ Turn, Step
61-66Step R ¼ turn to R, Step L forward, pivot ½ R stepping R forward, Step L forward turning toe out (prepping) make ½ turn L stepping back on R, continue ½ turn L stepping L forward. 12:00

Step R Forward, Step L Forward, Pivot ½ R, Step Forward, ½ L, ½ L
67-72Step R forward, Step L forward, Pivot ½ R weight on R, Step L forward prepping toe out, make ½ turn L stepping back on R, Make ½ turn L stepping forward on L - 6:00

TAG: 12 Counts – Repeat counts 67 – 72 twice after 4th rotation.


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Last Update – 24 Mar. 2022


DancingQueen March 18, 2022
Lovely waltz!

Nonnie March 20, 2022
Well-done, Steve! Love this waltz.

Mellow April 4, 2022
Love it! A video would be helpful :-)

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