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Before Somebody Gets Hurt
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Phrased Improver
Dwight Birkjær ( Juni 2015)
Before Somebody Gets Hurt by Kevin Fowler
Intro: 32 count - Seq: A-A-B-A-A-B-A24-A-B-A

A – 32 Counts
A1: Rocking Chair, Toe strut ½ turn, Toe strut ½ turn
1-4Rock fwd. R, recover L, rock back R, recover L (12)
5-8½ turn left R toe touch, R heel down, ½ turn left L toe touch, L heel down (12)

A2: Vaudeville left, Heel Switches L-R
1-4Cross R over L, L to side, R heel tap, R beside L (12)
5-8L heel tap, L beside R, R heel tap, R beside L(12)

A3: Vaudeville right, Step ½ turn, Step ½ turn
1-4Cross L over R, R to side, L heel tap, L beside R (12)
5-8Step R fwd. ½ turn left, step fwd. R, ½ turn left (12)

A4: Vine right, Flick, ½ turn flick, back rock
1-4R to side, L behind R, R to side, Flick L behind R (12)
5-8¼ turn left, ¼ turn left flick R behind L, rock back R, recover L( 6)

B – 64 Counts
B1: Heel Tap, Flick, Heel Tap, Hold, Jump Back rock, Kick, Kick
1-4R heel tap, Flick R back slap, R heel tap, Hold (12)
5-8R Jump back rock kick L, recover L, Kick R twice (12)

B2: Jump Cross rock, Back Rock, Heel Switches R-L, Step down L, R Toe tap twice
1-4Jump Cross R Flick L, Recover L kick R, rock R back kick L, recover L (12)
5&6-7-8R heel tap, R beside L, step L fwd., R toe tap twice behind L (12)

B3: Side, ¼ turn hook, ¼ turn hook behind, back rock, ½ turn L, Hook
1-4R to side, ¼ turn left hook L in front R, ¼ turn left hook R behind L (6)
5-8Jump back R kick L, recover L, ½ turn left stepping back R, Hook L (12)

B4: Step point, ¼ turn toe strut, Step, ¾ turn, Kick, Stomp, Heel Twist left, Center R heel kick L
&1-4Step L to side point R toe to side, ¼ turn right step down R heel, step L, ¾ turn right (12)
5-8Kick L, stomp L fwd., twist heels to left, center R heel kick L (12)

B5: Cross Rock, Kick Hook, Lock step, Stomp
1-4Jump cross L in front R flick R, recover R kick L, Jump back L Kick R, hook R (12)
5-8Step fwd. R, Lock L behind R, step fwd. R, stomp L beside R (12)

B6: Rocking Chair, Scissor, Cross, Hold
1-4Rock back R, recover L, rock R fwd., recover L (12)
5-8Step R diag. Back, L beside R, cross R, hold (12)

B7: Rock L, Recover, ½ turn L, Hold, ¼ ¼ turn R, ½ turn Toe Strut
1-4Rock L diag. fwd. recover R, ½ turn left stepping L fwd. hold (6)
5-8¼ turn right stepping R fwd. ¼ turn right stepping L back , ½ turn right R toe touch, R heel down (6)

B8: Step ½ turn, Step, ¼ turn, ¾ turn, Stomp, Swivel right
1-4Step L fwd., ½ turn right, step L fwd., ¼ turn left stepping R to side, (9)
5-8¾ turn left stepping L fwd, stomp R, Swivel (weight on R heel and L ball, twist heels to left, center heels) (12)

Contact: dwightgoldwing@gmail.com - dwight@thewilddanishgang.com

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