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Beginner (Single/ Couple LD)
Meiske Pamaputera ( Indo ), March 2017
Believer by Imagine Dragons
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Intro : 16 counts

Cross Rock, Recover, Chasse Left, Cross Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn Shuffle ( 03;00 )
1-2Cross Left over Right, Recover on Right
3&4Step Left to left, Step Right next to Left, Step Left to left
5-6Cross Right over Left, Recover on Left
7&8¼ Turn over Right stepping on Right, Step Left next to Right, Step fwd on Right(3;00)

Rock Left Fwd , Walk back , Rock Back, Recover, ½ Turn Shuffle (9:00)
1-2Rock Fwd on Left, Recover on Right
3-4Walk Back on Left, Right
5-6Rock Back onto Left, Recover on Right
7&8¼ Turn Right stepping on Left, ¼ Turn Right stepping Right next to Left, step back On Left ( 09:00 )

Rock Back, ¼ Turn Chasse, Cross Rock, Recover, Slide L, Hold
1-2Rock back on Right, Recover on Left
3&4¼ Turn Left stepping Right to Right, Step Left next to Right, Step Right to Right*
***3rd Restart on Wall 11 ( 12;00 )
5-6Cross Left over Right, Recover on Right
7-8Slide Left to left, Hold

Cross Rock, Recover, Sailor 1/ 4Turn R, Walk Fwd L, R, L, R (03;00 )
1-2Cross Right over Left, Recover on Left
3&4¼ Turn Right Cross Right behind Left, Step Left to Left, Step Right slightly forward **
**Restarts on Wall 5 & Wall 9 ( 09:00 )
5-8Walk forward Left, Right, Left, Right

Begin again & have fun

Tag – 4 Counts – After Wall 3 (03;00 ) & Wall 7 (03;00 )
1-4Touch Left Toe Forward & Shake hip Left, Right, Left, Hold.

**1st & 2nd Restarts on Wall 5 & Wall 9 After count 28 (09:00 )
***3rd Restart on Wall 11 After count 20 ( 12:00 )

To End facing front : Wall 13 after count 29, Turn ½ Right stepping Right, step Left &Pose

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