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Phrased Intermediate - Hip Hop style
Rex Chuan (KOR) - July 2018
Believer - Imagine Dragons
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Sequence: A,A,A,B,B,C,B,A,A,B,B,C,B,A,A16,Tag,B,B,C,B13

Part A
AS1: Forward, knee pop, forward, chasse, cross, cross side x2
123RF forward on heel(1), LF in place and pop right knee(2), RF forward(3)
4&56LF side chasse(4&5), left quarter turn and cross RF over LF(6)(9:00)
7&8&run x4 (7&8&) around counterclockwise until facing 12:00

AS2: Cross, Lunge, ball change step, forward, heel swivel x2
123LF cross over RF(1), RF step aside and bend the knee(23)
4&56Shift weight back on LF(4), RF cross under LF on ball(&), left quarter turn and forward LF(5), forward RF(6) (9:00)
7&8Both feet heel swivel right while left quarter turn(7), both feet heel swivel left(&), both heel swivel right while left quarter turn(8) (3:00)

AS3: Out out in cross, knee up, side, slide, Sailor Step Turn
&1&2RF out on toe(&), LF out on toe(1), RF in place on ball(&), LF cross over RF on ball(2)
34Raise right knee(3) and hold(4)
567&8RF step aside(5), draw LF in place(6), LF cross under RF(7), quarter turn left and step RF aside on ball(&), forward LF(8)(12:00)

AS4: Forward, ball change, walk, point X2
12&RF forward(1) and hold(2), LF forward on ball(&)
34RF forward a large step on heel(3), draw LF in place(4)
5678Point LF diagonally with knee bent and toe down in a round motion(5), LF back in place in a reversed motion(6), right quarter turn and RF point diagonally with knee bent and toe down in a round motion(7), RF back in place in a reversed motion(8) (3:00)

Part B
BS1: Freeze, Release
12Shift weight on LF, freeze in a pose of choice with a sudden pop action(1), stay still henceforth(12)
3-8Release the body in motion and start swaying to right and back in style of choice, and finally shift weight back on LF (12:00)

BS2: Freeze, Release, Freeze, Release
12Freeze and stay still henceforth
34Release the body in motion and sway right
56Freeze and stay still henceforth
78Release the body in motion and sway left (12:00)

Part C
CS1: Back, Swivel, Turn
&1234quarter turn left and tap LF backward(&), quarter turn left and gradually shift weight to LF with right hand push right for style(1234) (6:00)
5678RF heel swivel left as much as possible(5) and follow by turning right in slow motion for three quarter turn and LF backward(678) (3:00)

CS2: Knee up, side, sway x2
1234Raise right knee up gradually
5678RF step aside(5), sway right(6), sway LF(78)

Restart and tag: after 16 counts of the last part A when facing 3:00, RF stomp forward when music freeze, listen to the conversation and act accordingly, during the course turn the body facing 12:00, and shortly after the word “you can’t”, shift weight on LF and freeze, this counts as (1) of part B, and continue with rest of part B.

The dance ends at count 13 of part B facing 3:00 which is a freeze posture.

Enjoy the fun popping!



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