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Bella Ciao!

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Judy Worth (CAN) - April 2021
Bella ciao - Fonola Band
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**2 Tags - end of Walls 2 and 4

Intro: 1 count (Immediate start)

[01 - 08]: Walk R, Walk L, R Shuffle Forward, L Forward Rock, R Recover, L Coaster
1-2RF step forward, LF step forward
3&4Step RF forward, step LF beside RF, step forward on RF
5-6Rock forward on LF, recover on RF
7&8Step LF foot back, step RF beside LF, step LF forward

[9 - 16]: Diagonal Forward R Lock Step (or Shuffle), Diagonal Forward L Lock Step (or Shuffle), ½ Turn Extended Shuffle over R
1&2Step RF forward to right diagonal, step LF crossed behind RF, step RF forward to right diagonal
3&4Step LF forward to left diagonal, step RF crossed behind left, step LF forward to left diagonal
5&6&Step forward to the right diagonal on RF (5), Close LF next to RF (&), Step forward 1/8 to the right on RF (6), Close LF next to RF (&)
7&8Step forward 1/8 turn to the right on RF (7), Close LF next to RF (&), Step forward 1/8 turn to the right on RF (8) (6 o'clock)

[17 - 24]: L Cross, Step R Side, L Sailor, R Sailor, L Touch Behind, Unwind L ½ Turn
1-2Cross step LF over RF, Step RF to R side
3&4Step LF behind RF, step RF to R side, step LF beside RF
5&6Step RF behind LF, step LF to L side, step RF beside LF
7-8Touch LF behind RF, unwind ½ turn to L placing weight on LF (12 o'clock)

[25 - 32]: R Forward Lock Step, ½ L Pivot, R Rocking chair
1-2Step RF forward, step LF crossed behind RF as you pop R knee
3-4Step RF forward, turn ½ left placing weight on LF (6 o'clock)
5-6Rock RF forward, recover to LF
7-8Rock RF back, recover to LF

End of dance.

TAG: 4 Count Tag at the End of Wall 2 and Wall 4 (both facing 12 o'clock)
R Rocking Chair (repeats last 4 counts of dance)
1-2Rock RF forward, recover to LF
3-4Rock RF back, recover to LF

Judy Worth:
Youtube site: linedancekelowna


Lyndalou April 19, 2021
Great dance and love the music! Thanks for a fun dance, we have so many hard ones, nice to get a great beginner dance!

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