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Better Times

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Pat Stott (UK) & Vikki Morris (UK) - November 2013
Better Times a Comin - Derek Ryan : (Album: Country Soul)
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Start: 34 counts on the vocals

Right Heel Hitch x2, Right Behind Left Side Cross Right, Left Heel Hitch x2, Left Behind Right Side Cross Left
1&2&Dig Right heel to the Right diagonal, Hitch Right, Dig Right heel to the Right diagonal, Hitch Right
(Slap hand on knee when you hitch)
3&4Cross Right behind Left, Step Left to Left side, Cross Right over Left
5&6&Dig Left heel to the Left diagonal, Hitch Left, Dig Left heel to the Left diagonal, Hitch Left
(Slap hand on knee when you hitch)
7&8Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to Right side, Cross Left over Right

Chasse ¼ Right, Step ¼ Pivot Right, Left Cross & Left Heel Dig, Right Heel Dig & Left Stomp
1&2Step Right to Right side, Step Left next to Right, Turn ¼ turn Right stepping forward Right (3 o clock)
3 4Step forward Left, Pivot ¼ turn Right (6 o clock)
5&6Cross Left over Right, Step back slightly Right, Dig Left Heel forward
&7&8Step Left in place, Dig Right heel forward, Step Right in Place, Stomp Left forward
*Tag & Restart wall 5*

Chasse Right, Left Cross Rock Recover, Chasse ¼ Left, Left Full Turn Forward
1&2Step Right to Right side, step Left next to Right, Step Right to Right side
3 4Cross rock Left over Right, Recover on Right (optional whoo! On the cross)
5&6Step Left to Left side, Step Right next to Left, Turn ¼ turn Left stepping forward Left
7 8Turn ½ turn Left stepping back Right, Turn ½ turn Left stepping forward Left (3 o clock)

Right Mambo, Hitch Back Left, Hitch Back Right, Left Coaster Step, Scuff Stomp Heels Splits
1&2Rock forward Right, Recover on Left, Step back Right
&3&4Hitch Left, Step back Left, Hitch Right, Step back Right
5&6Step back Left, Step Right next to Left, Step forward Left
&7&8Scuff Right forward, Stomp Right to Right side, Twist Heels out, Twist heels in (weight on Left to start again)

TAG at the end of wall 2 (6 o clock) and after 16 counts wall 5 (6 o clock)
Right Stomp Clap, Left Stomp Clap
1&Stomp forward Right, Clap hands
2&Stomp forward Left, Clap hands

Start again and SMILE

Contacts: Email; &


graiglas November 17, 2013
Nice dance, lively track, easy teach but they the class found the second tag and restart a bit confusing, but will come with practice, nice one Pat thanks

graiglas November 17, 2013
oops sorry and Vicky xx

gypsycowgirl November 18, 2013
thank you. The second tag does sneek up on you if your not ready for it LOL x

sansteph December 1, 2013
Great country track and you can have lots of fun with it. nice job Vikki and Pat.

Poppet August 7, 2020
What a great dance for these troubled times !

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