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Better With a Broken Heart

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Intermediate waltz
Nini (INA) & Duma Kristina S (INA) - May 2022
Sequence : 48,24,48,36,48,12,48,36,30,48,48,18

Sec 1 Cross, Touch, Back, Sweep, Back Twinkle
123Cross LF over RF, Touch RF to R side, Hold
456Step RF back, Step LF to L side, Step RF to R side

Sec 2 Back, Sweep, Behind, side, cross
123Step LF back, Sweep RF in 2 counts
456Step RF behind LF, Step LF to L side, Cross RF over LF
*Restart here on wall 6 ( start facing 12.00 )

Sec 3 Lunge, Rolling Vine
123Long step LF side, look over L shoulder and bend LF knee down, Point RF to R side (in 2 count).
4561/4 turn R Step RF in place ( 3.00) 1/2 turn R Step LF back( 9.00 ) 1/4 turn R Step RF to R side ( 12.00 )
Optional styling:
Put both hand palm on the chest while doing the Lunge - Listening for lyrics "Broken Heart" on Wall 4,8,10

Sec 4 3/8 Turn L Diamond
123Cross LF over RF, 1/8 turn L Step RF diagonally back ( 10.30), Step LF back
456Step RF back, 1/4 turn L Step LF diagonally forward ( 4.30 ) Step RF forward
*Restart here on Wall 2 ( Start facing 12.00 )

Sec 5 Develope, Coaster Step
123Step LF forward, Hitch R and low kick RF forward ( still facing 4.30 )
456Step RF back, Close LF together, Step RF slightly forward
*Restart here on wall 9 ( start facing 12.00 )

Sec 6 Forward, Sweep, 1/8 L squaring, Hinge 1/2 Turn
123Step LF forward with Sweep R out, squaring to 6.00 (in 2 counts)
456Cross RF over LF, 1/4 turn R Step LF back, 1/4 turn R Step RF to R side (12.00)
Restart here on wall 4 & 8 ( Start facing 06.00 )

Sec 7 Twinkle brush L-R
123Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R side, Step LF inplace
456Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L side, Step RF inplace

Sec 8 Forward, 1/2 Turn L, Basic Waltz, Basic Back Waltz
123Step LF forward, 1/2 turn L Close RF together ( 6.00 )Step LF slightly back
456Step RF back, Close LF together, Step RF slightly forward

Restart on Wall 2,4,6,8,9

Happy dancing :


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