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Beyond Beautiful
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Intermediate NC2S
Julia Wetzel - June 2018
Something About The Way You Look Tonight (Single Edit Version) by Elton John, Length: 4:00, BPM: 71
Intro: 8 counts from start of Nightclub rhythm. Start dance on lyrics “time” (8 sec. into track)
Note: No Tags/Restarts
Recognition: I would like to credit well-known SF Bay Area instructor Bob Boesel for naming the ”Crooked Vine” step
Dedication: Choreographed for the NTLDC 2018 Event
[1 – 8] Basic R, Basic L, ¼ Arc Walk R L R, Step, Pivot ½
1, 2&Step R to right side (1), Close L behind R (2), Cross R over L (&) 12:00
3, 4&Step L to left side (3), Close R behind L (4), Cross L over R (&) 12:00
5 - 7Step R fw to right diag. and continue walking L R in a CW arc pattern towards 3:00 (5-7) 3:00
8&Step L fw (8), Pivot ½ turn right step R fw (&) 9:00
[9 – 16] ½ Sweep, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Back, Back Touch, 3/8, Weave, ¼
1, 2&½ Turn right step L back sweep R from front to back (1), Step R behind L (2), Step L to left side (&) 3:00
3, 4&Cross rock R over L (3), Recover on L but stay facing left diag (1:30) (4), Step R back (&) 1:30
5, 6Extend L leg back and touch ball of L back (1:30) (5), 3/8 Turn left square up to 9:00 placing weight on L (6) 9:00
Optional Styling: Reach L arm fw (5), Turn palm up closing hand and pull hand in (6)
7&8&Cross R over L (7), Step L to left side (&), Step R behind L (8), ¼ Turn left step L fw (&) 6:00
[17- 24] Spiral, Run, Run, Step, Step, Pivot ½, Prissy Walk, Crooked Vine
1, 2&Step R fw and spiral full turn left on R (1), Sm. step L fw (2), Sm. step R fw (&)
Non-turning Option: Step R fw (1) 6:00
3, 4&Step L fw (3), Step R fw (4), Pivot ½ turn left weight on L (&) 12:00
5, 6Cross R over L open body to left diag. (5), Cross L over R open body to right diag. (6) 12:00
7&8&¼ Turn left step R to right side (7), Step L behind R (&), ¼ Turn right step R fw (8), ¼ Turn right step L to left side (&) 3:00
Style: Body is traveling towards 12:00 during Crooked Vine
[25 – 32] Sweep, Behind, Side, Cross, Side Rock, Cross, Side, Touch, Rolling Turn, Cross
1, 2&Step R behind L and sweep L from front to back (1), Step L behind R (2), Step R to right side (&) 3:00
3, 4&Cross L over R (3), Rock R to right side (4), Recover on L (&) 3:00
5, 6&Cross R over L (5), Step L to left side (6), Touch R next to L (&) 3:00
7&8&¼ Turn right step R fw (7), ½ Turn right step L back (&), ¼ Turn right step R to right side (8), Cross L over R (&) 3:00
Non-turing Option (Vine) : R to right side (7), L behind R (&), R to right side (8), Cross L over R (&)
Ending: At the end of Wall 8, dance up to Count 29 (Cross R over L) facing 12:00, take big step L to left side dragging R to L as Elton drags out the lyrics “look”, then finish the dance with a rolling turn right as normal or make a double rolling turn right as he sings “tonight”

Contact: JuliaLineDance@gmail.com, www.JuliaWetzel.com

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