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Big 10-4

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Improver ECS
Jason Turner (USA) - April 2022
#32ct Intro – No Tags, No Restarts

**2nd Place in USLDCC competition at Heart of Texas 2022**

[1-8]: R Side Weave, R Side Triple, Back Cross Rock
1234Step R to R side (1), Cross L over R (2), Step R to R side (3), Cross L behind R (4)
5&6Step R to R side (5), Step L next to R (&), Step R to R side (6)
78Rock L behind R (7), recover weight to R (8)

[9-16]: L Side Weave, ¼ Turn L Fwd Triple, ¼ Pivot
1234Step L to L side (1), Cross R over L (2), Step L to L side (3), Cross R behind L (4)
5&6Step L to L side (5), Step R next to L (&), Step L fwd making ¼ turn L (6) (9:00)
78Step R fwd (7), ¼ turn L (8) (6:00)

[17-24]: Cross Rock, Side Rock, Cross, Point, Cross, Point
12Cross R over L (1), Recover weight to L (2)
34Step R to R side (3), Recover weight to L (4)
56Cross R over L (5), Point L to L side (6)
78Cross L over R (7), Point R to R side (8)

[25-32]: Step Hitch, Step Hitch, Jazz Box
1234Step R fwd (1), Hitch L (2), Step L fwd (3), Hitch R (4)
5678Cross R over L (5), Step L back (6), Step R to R side (7), Cross L over R (8) (6:00)

Enjoy! #FWR

Jason Turner –


Bernie Barrette May 26, 2022
Hi Jason need to fix the first weave on steep sheet like the dance

Snowy June 16, 2022
Video shows an extended grapevine (side, BEHIND, side, cross) at the beginning. Script needs updating to reflect this.

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