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Big Blue Tree

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Ria Vos (NL) - November 2015
Big Blue Tree - Michael English : (Album: Dance All Night)
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Intro: 16 Counts (±10 sec)

Toe Struts R-L, R Rocking Chair, Toe Struts R-L, R Side Rock, ¼ L Step Fwd
1&Step on R Toe to R Side, Lower R Heel
2&Step on L Toe Across R, Lower L Heel
3&Rock R Fwd to R Diagonal, Recover on L
4&Rock Back on R, Recover on L
5&Step on R Toe to R Side, Lower R Heel
6&Step on L Toe Across R, Lower L Heel
7&8Rock R to R Side, ¼ Turn L Recover on L, Step Fwd on R

Heel Struts Fwd L-R, L Rocking Chair, Step, Kick, Coaster Step
1&Step Fwd on L Heel, Lower L Toe
2&Step Fwd on R Heel, Lower R Toe
3&Rock L Fwd, Recover on R
4&Rock Back on L, Recover on R
5-6Step Fwd on L, Kick R Fwd
7&8Step Back on R, Step L Next to R, Step Fwd on R

Diagonal Lock Steps L-R & Step Fwd, R Mambo Fwd, Run Back x3
1&2L Diagonal Lock Step to L Diagonal Stepping L-R-L
&3&Step R Fwd to R Diagonal, Lock L Behind R, Step R Fwd to R Diagonal
4Step Fwd on L
5&6Rock Fwd on R, Recover on L, Step Back on R
7&8‘Run’ Small Steps Back Stepping L-R-L

Coaster Cross, Rumba Box, Coaster Cross
1&2Step Back on R, Step L Next to R, Cross Step R Over L
3&4Step L to L Side, Step R Next to L, Step Fwd on L
5&6Step R to R Side, Step L Next to R, Step Back on R
7&8Step Back on L, Step R Next to L, Cross L Over R



Sassy Stepper November 29, 2015
We absolutely love this peppy little dance; although not "my" beginners. Find it a little bit above beginner level. Nonetheless, those of my students that dance it really like it. Thank you so much Ria!!!

ga7dancingfool January 13, 2016
Love the song: country and old rock roll combo! Should be a big hit with the line dance world! Shirley

Orangecat March 27, 2016
Love this song and the dance. I think it is more Improver level than Beginner though. Thanks Ria, it is going to be a favourite.

tessi February 12, 2017
Love the dance & the cute song ! Beginners struggled----but the improvers were able to catch on.

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